• District Goals Title Page  


    Health & Wellness
    The District will provide access and establish partnerships to provide a full array of interventions to respond to mental and physical health needs which impact our students, staff and the community.  

    The District will provide ongoing communication (digital, print & public presentations) to stakeholders and program opportunities to promote engagement of students, employees and community members to support student learning and insure continuous improvement.

    Professional Development:
    The District will provide opportunities for instructionally relevant training and professional development to better prepare all stakeholders to enhance student learning, support teaching, and insure continuous improvement.

    Student Achievement and Learning:
    The District will support programming that facilitates our schools meeting or exceeding Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES Regional average proficiency percentages for 3-8 ELA, Math and Science assessments, all Regents Examinations and Graduation Rates.

    Fiscal Management:
    The District will develop a fiscally-sound spending plan to promote engagement, facilitate learning & student achievement, foster advocacy and provide a pathway for continuous improvement.

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