• Step Three:  Taking Notes on Note Cards
    Remember that Steps Two and Three are a circular process.  During these two steps, you will need to:
    • locate sources of information (Step 2)
    • read those sources (Step 2)
    • make sure that you have the MLA 7th edition citations for those sources (Step 2)
    • take notes on note cards (Step 3)
    • assess what information you have and where gaps in the information exist (Use your original research question to help you with this) (Step 3)
    • locate additional sources of information

    You can review how to take notes on note cards by reviewing this PowerPoint.  Both links will provide the same information.  The first one is a PowerPoint file; the second link is a .pdf file:

    Want additional help?  View the video tutorial linked below.  If the video will not play, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As."  Save it in your H drive.  When the video downloads, it should automatically give you the option to open the file.  It should play when you open it now.
    Before you move on to Step Four, be sure that you have:
    • printed copies of all database articles
    • photocopied relevant pages from all print sources
    • created MLA 7th edition citations for all of your sources
    • taken thorough notes on note cards
    • assessed the information that you have, determined what you did not have, and found more sources of information to fill in those gaps