Degrees and Certifications:

You can potentially be certified as an MOS-Microsoft Office Specialist in WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, ACCESS, WORD EXPERT, EXCEL EXPERT, AND OUTLOOK.


MOS I (Microsoft Office User Specialist)                   1 HS credit


JCC CS1560 4 SUNY Credits- Microcomputer Applications (1st half of the years)


This course will study major Microsoft and Adobe microcomputer applications; word processing, spreadsheets, database management, web design, graphic manipulation, animations, plus Windows fundamentals. The focus will be on the completion of training and testing for Microsoft Office Certifications for Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint.  After the completion of each Microsoft Component through In Demand training and testing, students will have to choose at least one Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Test to take for industry standard certification. Other course applications focuses will include Publisher and Adobe Photoshop. This is a project-based course designed to teach the students how to use and integrate all applications named above.  Other topics include instruction in multimedia applications, audio, graphics manipulation, and operating systems, storage devices and many peripherals such as Wacom Graphics Tablets, scanners, digital cameras, Smart Board features and Interwrite Boards, etc. (One certification test completion and pass is required.)

*required for CTE endorsement for MOS

SUNY JCC college credit will also be an option for students who take and pass the JCC College Placement Test and then pass the course.  The JCC Microcomputer Applications is infused within the first half of the MOUS Course.(4 SUNY credits).