• College Credits, Certifications and CTE Endorsements Available in

    High Business Courses and more...


    This past academic school year Salamanca High Business department have offered numerous opportunities for SUNY College Credit, Microsoft Certifications, as well as Career and Technical Endorsement Recognition on their Diploma.   The Career and Technical Education Certificate is a certificate that becomes part of a student’s diploma and shows they have met some very stringent requirements that the school has set up and the New York State Education Department has approved. Students are can choose from a wide range of classes and certifications that will better prepare them for the college and or the real world of work. These opportunities are for freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

    In Mrs. Kim Dry MOUS (JCC Microcomputer Applications Class), Students are able to receive four SUNY credits and get certified in 2016 Microsoft Office software, which is an industry standardized test that proves them to be highly qualified in working with these programs. Students train,  study and tested in Microsoft 2016 Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Word Expert, Excel Expert and Outlook!  These tests are FREE to our students as the district understands the value in these certification test and the competitive advantage they offer our students.

    In Mr. Walt Zeznick’s JCC Business 1410 course, which is an introductory Accounting course for students. This course covers the basic accounting concepts and procedures. Students can take this class during the Fall Semester of school and earn three college credits for the course. This course is also part of the CTE program we offer in Accounting. To receive this credit you need to complete Financial Management, Career Planning, BEEP, Accounting1 (JCC Accounting Class) and Accounting II classes. You will also need to take the National NOCTI Basic Accounting Test and pass that as well. The National NOCTI test is an industry standardized in accounting, that also proves the student highly qualified when they pass this test.

    In Mrs. Nancy Middaugh’s BEEP Course, Students who take BEEP (Business Education Employability Portfolio class) have an opportunity to receive three college credits through Erie Community College.  For students who choose to pursue college credit through ECC, the student completes the normal BEEP class plus three chapters out of a textbook; the course they receive credit for is called College Success Skills (GS 111 4B18).     This past school year we have had 9 Salamanca High School students receive college credit through ECC.

    All of the above courses are SUNY credit bearing classes that are transferable in most cases. 

    In Computer Graphics with Kim Dry. Students   have the opportunity to learn, be certified and get three college credits in this course while learning Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe IllustratorCS6, Adobe InDesignCS6, Adobe Flash and more. Students can take as many test and get certified in as many as they want. These tests are FREE to our students as the district understands the value in these certification test and the competitive advantage they offer our students. 

    In addition to the college opportunities, the Department has three Career and Technical Education pathways that students can take which including a CTE In MOUS, Accounting, and now Computer Graphics.

    If you are interested in taking these classes and acquiring SUNY College Credit in High School, please see or email your guidance counselor and/or the teacher who is teaching these classes ASAP.

    College Business classes that students can take in high school include:

    • MOUS which is Microcomputer Applications (4 SUNY Credits)

    o   See Mrs. Kim Dry for more information.

    • Computer Graphics (3 SUNY Credits)

    o   See Mrs. Kim Dry for more information

    • BEEP –Business Education Employability Portfolio(3 SUNY Credits)

    o   See Mrs. Nancy Middaugh for more information

    • College Accounting (3 SUNY Credits)

    o   See Mr. Zeznick for More information