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    Business Department Student of the Month




    The first semester Business Marketing Students of the Month have been recognized among the best Business Students. These students were chosen because of their excellent work ethic, their positive character and they are consistently seen going above and beyond within their Business Classes. These students not only get it done in the classroom but are also the students who you can find volunteering at community events, helping others around them and being the positive role models that we all need around us. September’s BMS of the Month was Nate Morris, October’s BMS of the Month was Parker Butler, November’s BMS of the Month was Brynn Har-rington, December’s BMS of the Month was Emma Isaac and January’s BMS of the Month is Madalyn Harrington. The Business Department would like to congratulate each of our Business Marketing Stu-dents of the Month and wish them all success in their future endeavors.

    Nate Morris plans on attending University of Pitt majoring in Com-puter Science & Inter-national Relations.


    Parker Butler plans on going to college for two years for computer science & then becom-ing a police officer.


    Brynn Harrington plans on opening up her own childcare facility.




    Emma Isaac plans on attending SUNY Cortland for Elemen-tary Education.






    Lillian Barber plans attending JBC Business Marketing Management.



    Ashley Drain plans attending JBC Business Marketing Management.


    Madalyn Harrington plans on attending Utah University & dual majoring in Business & Forensics.