The goal of the Salamanca Art Department is to foster creative growth in all students and encourage them to look at the world and themselves in a new light.

  • Current Course Offerings for High School Art:

    Studio Art - Grades 9-12
    This course is the foundation level course which is required for all high school art majors.  Studio Art is a year long introduction to the nature, functions and techniques of the visual arts, in the past and present.  Student must complete all course work at no less than a proficient level.

    Drawing and Painting - Grades 10-12
    This is an advanced levle course for grades 10-12, which may be elected after the student has completed Studio Art and desires to participate in advnaced study in the area of drawing and painting.  All assignments and course work must be completed at no less than a proficient level.

    Advanced Art - Grades 11 & 12
    This is a third level course at an advanced level which can be taken upon teacher recommendation.  This class is an introduction to multiple media and techniques and introduction to creating a portfolio.  All assignments and course work must be completed at no less than a proficient level.

    Portfolio Preparation - Grade 12
    This is a fourth level course for the competent, serious art major planning on continuing on in the field of art.  It can be taken upon the teacher recommendation. The focus of the class will be to prepare a professional portfolio to have for school and job interviews.  The work in the course will cover a wide range of possibilities so as to have a comprehaensive portfolio with depth.

    Photograph - Grades 11 & 12
    This course is an advanced course where we will be incorporating the developing world of digital photography and manipulation of photos with Adobe Photoshop.  It is helpful but not a requirement for a student to have access to their own digital camera.  The student will keep a portfolio of their work for evaluation purposes.  All assignments and course work must be completed at not less than a proficient level.

    JCC Drawing - Grades 11 & 12
    This course is a college course in drawing.  It is a half-year course that will give students four (4) college credits from Jamestown Community College if passed with a D or better.  Students will gain a working knowledge of foundation skills and abilities in artistic visual expression.  Students are introduced to drawing medial and concepts.  Students learn to draw perceived objects and become able to discuss the drawings meaningfully.