• Making Some Noise

    By Kaylea Miller, SHS 2011 Graduate


    At 7:45 a.m. the school day officially starts. Students are opening their lockers, talking to their friends and getting breakfast. At eight o clock the class day begins but on November 23rd the members of the Seneca Youth Dancers, or S.Y.D, did not have a regular school day. The students and advisers Rachael Wolfe and Kari Kennedy boarded the bus and headed to East View Elementary School, home of the “husky pups” in Olean. The field trip was the second one for the S.Y.D members.


    When we arrived at the school, we were shown to the boys’ and girls’ rooms to get dressed. For all members to get properly dressed in their regalia, it takes about a half an hour. Once everyone was dressed and ready we headed to the gym to start the show.


    We begin every show with the Welcome Dance, boys line up on one side and the girls on the other while facing each other. After that we go into a series of dances, like the Fish Dance, Robin Dance, War Dance, Ladies Dance and everyone’s favorite, Smoke Dance. All of these songs were sung by Jake George.


    When the singing and dancing is complete Rachael Wolfe introduces all the group members, and we do the Stick Dance to close every show. The group says their goodbyes and head back to the rooms to get dressed back into their street clothes.


    Once we are all dressed we went back to the bus and headed over to the mall to eat at Rena’s pizza. The group was all excited from the performance they had just put on so while they were waiting for the pizza, Jake George, Aaron Miller, Brandon Francis, Dylan Harris and Jayde Vincent sat down on the bench right outside the F.Y.E store and began to sing. After a couple of songs the girls decided they were going to dance to all the Lady Dance songs that they were singing. So Courtney Crouse stood up and led some of the girls in this dance. Many people were standing around the dancers watching with enjoyment. Workers were coming out of their stores just to see what was going on, and stayed for the show.


    Field trips are usually a good time, but this one was special. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day; the group had a ton of fun and would be able to say they are the first ones to start a social in the Olean mall.


    Breezy dances at SCCSD homecoming assembly

    Archive photo, Seneca Youth Dancer Breezy Crouse performing at Sally High Homecoming assembly.