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    The Salamanca Adult Community & Continuing 

    A  Community Connected Through Education 

    The Salamanca Continuing Education is proud to be running the following programs for the 2019 SpringSession. Most classes are 5-6 weeks with a few exceptions.   All class costs vary according to time frame and materials needed.  A weekly schedule will be confirmed by the instructor in the first class.The District Usually requires 5 or more participants in order to run the class.  All participants are free to join classes up to the 2nd week of the course. 

    *When the district cancels the school day due to inclement weather, all adult and continuing education classes are also canceled.  In the event that bad weather may occur during the early evening, your instructor will be contacting you with the cancellation notice directed by the superintendent.  Unless your instructor tells you differently, you will be meeting during district development days.  If you have an idea for a class, please contact Aaron Straus at AStraus@salamancany.org

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