• Leader In Me recognize students who are displaying leadership characteristics.

  • The Leader In Me
    The Leader in Me is a school-wide philosophy based upon The 7 Habits of Happy Children, where students are encouraged to be leaders in their classroom, at home, and within their community. (Note: This is a change from previous school years where our school was centered around the PBIS program.)
    How does Leader In Me work?
    • Students learn the 7 Habits inside their classrooms. 
           Click the following link to see a detailed listing of the 7 Habits


    • Students apply the habits they have learned to their everyday activities.
    • It is a language based philosophy. We will encourage them to use the language as they learn it.
    What does being a Leader look like?
    · Walk quietly in hall
    · Raise your hand and wait to be called on
    · Use quiet voices in bathroom
    · Do what the bus driver or adult tells you to do
    · Give the speakers five (5): eyes, ears, lips, hands, and feet
    · Always follow directions
    · Remain seated
    · Line up quickly and quietly
    · Use materials properly
    · Try your best
    · Hands to your sides
    · Seek help with accidents and injuries.
    · Follow classroom rules
    · Six on the floor
    · Walk
    · Stay seated on the school bus
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    A monthly award sponsored by the Kiwanis Club is the “Terrific Kid” award. See the list of students on the Terrific Kids page.