2017-2018 Athletic Awards

    Warrior Pride  
    Tyler Hedlund - Character Athlete of the Game (Ellicottville)
    Jeremiah Shoup - Character Athlete of the Game (Catt/LV October 26, 2017)
    Class D Champs  tROPHY
    Salamanca Warriors - Class "D" Champions
    Ira John - Big 30 Impact Yardage - Player of the Week
    Tyler Big 30
    Tyler Hedlund - BIG 30 - Safety
    Girls Swim:
    The Original record was by Kelly Andrews in 1989 at 212.00, Lindsey Forthman broke it in 2012 with a score of 220.12, and Mushirah broke it with a 227.  This is not a specific dive, however, you get your total from the combination of 6 dives.  It was also the first time Mushirah threw a back double, and a reverse double.  She had only learned those dives a few days before, and fearlessly competed with them.  Mushirah has the drive and determination to complete anything she wants.  Mushirah has worked very hard with finesse and increasing her degree of difficulty in her dive selection and it has paid off.  She is throwing reverse 2 somersaults.  Back 2 somersaults, Inwards 1 ½ and front doubles. Each with degree of difficulty of a 2.2 or higher.  She is an easy athlete to coach, as she has great kinesthetic sense of where her body is in the air. She also has the desire to challenge herself and be a risk taker by learning these very difficult dives. She is competing at the CCAA championships on Thursday beginning at 3:30 in Olean along with teammate Kam Cook for an 11 dive competition.  She is also qualified for the Section 6 Championships as well next Thursday.

    Mushirah was also selected as the Athlete of the Week by the Olean Times Herald. 


    Our Swimmin Women will compete at Sectionals on Wednesday at Erie Community College. We'd like to wish them Best of Luck. Athletes competing are: 

    Athletes competing are:
    Marijayne Schwartz, Rochelle Bish, Kamryn Cook, Jayla Rasha, Mushirah Sheppard, Kaihalla George, Jordan Ray, Emma Brown. 

    Salamanca Warriors Varsity Football Awards Banquet:

    Football Banquet
    Dylan Wheeler - JV Most Improved, Ira Snyder - JV Defensive MVP, Zach Helms  - Most Improved, Braden Siebert - Kyle Scott Whistleman Award, Leland John - Unsung Lineman, Tyler Hedlund - Defensive MVP, Ira John - Offensive MVP, Lucas McKenna -  JV Offensive MVP



    Boys and Girls Bowling celebrated and recognized the Senior Athletes for the 2017-2018 season. 
    Dakota Ercolani, Austin Reyes and Carson Hoag

    Marihayne Schwartz, Anna Collingwood, Savannah Wujastyk, Emily Griffin, McKenzie Rider

    Bowling End of Season Awards Banquet:

    L to R: Brandon Milanowski, Boys MVP (189 average); Dakota Ercolani, Boys Sportsmanship Winner; Nora Warrior, Girls Sportsmanship Winner; Maeghan Collins, Girls MVP (142 average)

    Congratulations to the Girls Bowling Team: 
    Lady Warriors Bowling Team
    They have been recognized as a NYSPHSAA Scholar Athlete Team for the 4th consecutive year. Their Team GPA was a 94.8%

    Track & Field:
    Track awards banquet
    Congratulations to the Warrior Track & Field Athletes for an outstanding season. This years awards were presented to:
    First Row: Michelle Pierce – Coaches Award, Maeghan Collins – Most Dedicated, Ryleigh John – Unsung Hero, Mushirah Sheppard – MVP, Aly Hill – Unsung Hero, Jayla Rasha – Most Improved. Missing from Photo: Hayli Wilson – Rookie of the Year.

    Second Row: Seth Bocharski – Unsung Hero, Caleb Reed – Most Dedicated, Hunter Yaworsky – Rookie of the Year, Kohl Ambuske – Co MVP, Tyler Hedlund – Co MVP, Xzavier Small – Most Improved.

    2017-2018 ATHLETIC AWARDS:
    End of year Warrior Athletics

    Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Athletic Award Winners:
    Nicholas Johnson - Roger Crandall Warrior Pride Award, Caryn Miller - Anita Oyler Female Athlete of the Year Award, Braden Siebert - Louis C. Foy Male Athlete of the Year Award, Ashley Siperek - Roger Crandall Warrior Pride Award and Austin Reyes - Harry Nelson Baseball Award.

    Thank you for being a true Warrior and your dedication to Salamanca Athletics!


    2017-2018 Three Sport Athletes:

    12th Grade Fall Winter Spring
    Brown, Adjaza (2017) Volleyball Basketball Softball
    Collingwood, Anna (2017) Soccer Bowling Lacrosse
    Cook, Kamryn (2017) Swim Basketball Lacrosse/Softball
    Crouse-Ruiz, Lauren (2017) Soccer Bowling Lacrosse/Track
    Griffin, Emily (2018) Soccer Bowling Golf
    Howard, Maria (2018) Volleyball Basketball Softball
    Johnson, Nick (2018) Football Basketball Baseball/Track
    Miller, Caryn (2016) Volleyball Basketball Lacrosse/Softball
    Pierce, Michelle (2016) FB Cheer/Volleyball   Lacrosse/Track
    Rider, McKenzie (2018) Tennis Bowling Lacrosse
    Schwartz, Marijayne (2018) Swim BB Cheer/Bowling Lacrosse
    Shoup, Jerimiah (2018) Football Bowling Track
    Siebert, Braden (2016) Football Basketball Golf/Lacrosse
    Wujastyk, Savannah (2018) Tennis Bowling Track
    11th Grade      
    Armstrong, Zariah (2018) Football Basketball Lacrosse
    Hedland, Tyler (2017) Football Basketball Baseball/Track
    John, Ira (Letter 2016) Football Basketball Lacrosse/Track
    McAuley, Hunter (2018) Soccer Basketball Baseball
    Milanowski, Brandon (2017) Soccer Bowling Golf/Tennis
    Pratt, Cameron (2018) Soccer Bowling Tennis
    Sheppard, Mushirah (Letter 2015) Swimming BB Cheer/Wrestling Baseball/Track
    Slade, Sesilleya (2018) Soccer Basketball Golf
    Stewart, Elizabeth (Letter 2016) Soccer Bowl lacrosse
    Warrior, Nora (Letter 2015) Tennis Bowling Lacrosse 
    10th Grade      
    Blakesslee, Justin (2018) Soccer Bowling Golf 
    Fiske, Emma (2017) Soccer Bowling Softball
    Hill, Aly (2017) Soccer Bowling Track
    Long, Liam (2017) Soccer Wrestling Tennis
    McKenna, Jarrett (2018) Football Basketball Baseball
    McGonigle, Holly (2018) Soccer Basketball Track
    Ray, Jordan (2018) Swim Bowling Softball
    9th Grade      
    Collins, Maeghan (2018) Soccer Bowling Track
    McKenna, Lucas (2018) Football Wrestling Baseball
    Warrior, Marla (2018) Soccer Basketball Lacrosse