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Important Student Expectations

  • Since it is now quarter two, students should be familiar with class policies and procedures.  As a result, I expect that students should now be able to turn assignments in on time, work effectively during class and lab times, and should come prepared and participate in activities related to the course.  Students have now been exposed to the general quiz and test formats and should be preparing for these in any manner which is best for them.  With that being said, I will no longer grade labs which are not passing after two weeks time of original due date and then the lab will recieve a maximum grade of 65.  All test and quiz corrections will be eligible for half credit recovery and no longer full credit.  The general expectation is that as the year goes on, students are to take on more responsibility for themselves and their grades.

  • Advanced Living Environment Contract

  • Advanced Regents Living Environment Student Academic Contract

    Salamanca High School

    2017-2018 Academic School Year


    I, ____________________________, agree to adhere to the following guidelines as a means to succeed and remain in Advanced Regents Living Environment for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year.

    • I will maintain an 80% average or higher in my living environment class during each quarter of the school year. This will include the final quarter average.
    • I will complete all labs and turn all labs and any lab reports in on time. At the end of each quarter, I will not be missing any labs and will be current on my lab minutes.  This means all labs will have a passing grade to signify completion of minutes.
    • I will attend class every day, and I understand that my success in this class depends on my attendance. I will not miss more than 3 days (unexcused) of living environment instruction each quarter.
    • I will achieve a grade of 80% or better on my tests and quizzes throughout the year.
    • I will achieve a grade of 75% or better on my midterm.
    • I will achieve a grade of 80% or better on my practice Regents exam during May review and will commit to attending Regents review classes.



    I, ____________________________, understand that adhering to these guidelines is to promote success

    and achievement in the classroom for my benefit.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in

    being dismissed from the class and no Regents credit may be earned.


    We agree to the guidelines outlined above to help promote success for our student in Advanced Regents Living Environment at Salamanca High School during the remainder 2017-2018 school year:


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