Salamanca High School Course Offerings

  • 2020-2021 Course Offerings:

    The goal of this publication is to stimulate increased student and parent involvement in the process of course selection and scheduling.  The key to successful program planning is involvement.  The ultimate goal is for each student to have an academic program that will provide a meaningful and successful educational experience.  It is necessary for administrators, counselors, and teachers to provide information, counseling, and appropriate recommendations to enable the student and his/her parents to make wise decisions.  The ultimate responsibility for the selection of courses lies with the student’s parents.  Planning a student’s academic schedule should be done through informed decision making with consultation and careful consideration.

    Included in this book is a four-year high school planning sheet.  This plan should be completed by every student upon entering ninth grade and revised each year.  When developing a four-year course outline, considerable thought should be given to post-high school plans.  Students and parents should refer to the options listed under Course Selection Information.

    The Student Support Services Center has many resources available to help students with their high school plans.  These include books and pamphlets on career and college planning, financial aid, college and career videos, college handbooks, study skills material, as well as access to the web.  Students and parents are welcome to use any these materials, either in the office or borrowed from the Center.

    SCHEDULING PROCESS (Scheduling Orientation January 2020)

    The Course Catalog and Course Request Forms will be available to all students. Counselors will conduct scheduling orientation sessions to discuss the course catalog, review diploma requirements, and assist in making preliminary course selections for the next school year.

    All students will make course selections for the next school year. Counselors will review course selections individually with each student. A list of each student's course requests will be sent home. Parents are encouraged to make appointments with their child’s school counselor to discuss their child's scheduling and four-year plan.

    The Master Schedule for the following year will be developed, based on course requests made by the students. It is extremely important that all students turn in course request forms that are as accurate as possible at this time. Courses that have too few student requests will be deleted from the following year's master schedule at this time.

    Students will be asked to make alternate choices where there are unresolvable course conflicts, or situations in which a course will not be offered due to insufficient enrollment.

    Any requests for a course change should be made during final examination week or the first week of summer vacation. Requests for schedule changes later in the summer will be considered but may not be able to be made for reasons of class size, etc.

    Contact the Student Support Center to request a course change. Counselors will be available on a limited basis during the summer. Please note schedule changes at this time are subject to approval by the Principal. Students will received their schedule via mail and/or parent portal in late summer.