• Title VI is a grant that the Salamanca City Central School District receives from the Federal government to assist in providing services to Native American students in the district.  The grant is administered by the SCCSD and works closely with the Title VI Parent Advisory Committe and the Seneca Nation to maintain compliance for the grant.  At SCCSD we offer many supports for our Native American students.  

    Some of our staff are specifically under the Title VI grant

    Jerry Parisi - Native American Guidance Counselor, High School, 8-12
    Amee Crowley - Social Worker, District, 8-12
    Heather Buffone - Family Support Worker, Prospect Elementary
    Carrie Fidurko - Family School Liaison, High School
    Cassie Crandall - Family School Liaison, High School
    Rachael Wolfe - Seneca Youth Council (SYC) & Seneca Youth Dancers (SYD) Advisor

    A complete list of staff, services, and programs can be found on the 'Native American Services' at the top of the website.  You can also find more information on my 'Teacher page'.  On the top of the screen go to 'Academics', then 'Faculty Pages' then look for my name by my last name 'Redeye, Michala - TOSA, NA Program Coordinator'

  • TITLE VI Parent Advisory Committee

    Gerri Jayne Jimerson, Parent Rep & Chairperson, 2018-2020 yr
    Kerry J. John, Alternate & Vice-Chair, 2018-2019 yr
    Shelly Rivas, Parent Rep & Secretary, 2018-2021
    Justin Schapp, Parent Rep & Treasurer, 2018-2019 yr
    Michael John, Parent Rep, 2018-2019 yr
    Mindy John, Parent Rep, 2018-2020 yr
    Bethany Johnson, Parent Rep, 2018-2020 yr
    Tami Watt, Parent Rep, 2018-2021 yr
    Gina Larvie, Alternate, 2018-2019 yr
    Rachel Wolfe, Teacher Rep
    Kailhalla George, Student Rep
    Jayden Harris, Student Rep
    Meghan McCune, BOE Rep
    Dale Colten, BOE Rep

Last Modified on August 11, 2019