• Checklist for Parents of -

    First Graders 

     My child knows all the letters of the alphabet.

     My child knows the difference between letters and words, and knows there are spaces between words in print.
     My child knows that written words represent speech and can show how words are represented by letters arranged in a specific order.

     My child asks questions (how, why, what if?) about books she is reading. 

     My child knows some punctuation marks and where sentences and paragraphs begin and end.

     My child can put together (blend)
    and break apart the sounds of most one-syllable words and can count the number of syllables in a word.

     My child can sound out words he doesn't know, and recognize some irregularly spelled words, such as have, said, you, and are.

     My child uses simple punctuation marks and capital letters. 

     My child reads first grade books aloud, and can tell when he/she cannot understand what he/she is reading.

     My child reads and understands simple written instructions.

     My child uses what he/she already knows to enrich what he is reading.

     My child predicts what will happen next in a story.

     My child is curious about words and uses new words when he/she speaks and writes.

    Second Graders
     My child answers "how","why", and "what-if" questions, and recalls information, main ideas, and details after reading.

     My child pays attention to how words are spelled and correctly spells words he/she has studied.

     My child spells a word the way it sounds if he/she doesn't know its spelling.

     My child learns new words and shares them at school and at home.

     My child uses clues from the context and his knowledge of word parts to figure out what words mean.

     My child learns new words through independent reading.

     My child uses parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) correctly.

     My child reads for specific purposes and specific questions, and explores topics of interest on his/her own.

     My child takes part in creative responses to stories, such as dramatizations and oral presentations.

     My child writes for many different purposes and writes different types of compositions (for example, stories, reports, and letters).