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    Distinguished Alumni Wall of Fame – Criteria for Nomination
    Spring 2019

    I. Purpose:

    To recognize individuals who have demonstrated the value of academics, citizenship, athleticism, community or leadership benefitting our school district. 

    II. An Honoree may be a:

    1. Past Student who has graduated from the Salamanca City Central School District
    2. Past employee of the Salamanca City Central School District
    3. Past Board of Education Member of the Salamanca City Central School District
    4. Special Friend, Benefactor of the Salamanca City Central School District or Community

    III. Eligibility Criteria:

    1. Students – a 10 year waiting period from the time of their SCCSD graduation
    2. Employees –a 5 year waiting period, post retirement or leaving the District
    3. Board of Education – a 3 year waiting period post BOE service to the district
    4. Special Friend, Benefactor – at the discretion of the Selection Committee
    5. The selection committee may under unique circumstances waive or amend the criteria period by unanimous vote

    IV. Selection Criteria:
    Noteworthy achievements in any/all of the following categories:

    1. Education
    2. Professional / Personal
    3. Community / Charitable
    4. Other Notable Accomplishments/Achievements

     V. Selection Committee:

    1. The total number of Committee Members will be an odd number (i.e. 5, 7)
    2. The Committee Members will be annually appointed by the Board of Education at the July Re-Organizational meeting
    3. Committee Members may be current employees, past employees, community members or alumni of the District
    4. The Selection Committee Member may participate in meetings in person, or via phone or video conferencing

     VI. Selection Procedure:

    1. Nominations may come from any individual or group to the Selection Committee.
    2. Selection Committee members may also nominate an individual while serving on the Committee
    3. Nominations in any given year are unlimited.
    4. The Selection Committee will determine the date nominations will close, the number of inductees per year and when the selection date will occur.
    5. Final selection of honorees will be made by the SCCSD Selection Committee with a 60% majority of the selection committee present at the time of the selection.
    6. Nominees who are not inducted will have their nomination remain active for three years. At the conclusion of this time period, the nomination will no longer be considered.    A nominee may be resubmitted.  
    7. Nominations, final selections and voting totals are strictly confidential.

    VII. Recognition of Inductees

    1. Induction ceremony will be held annually
    2. A commemorative plaque listing the inductees’ accomplishments will be prominently displayed in the District.
    3. The location of the Distinguished Alumni Wall of Fame will be solely determined by the Board of Education.
    4. A personal “Distinguished Alumni Wall of Fame” membership plaque will be presented to each inductee


    To nominate a deserving alumni click here