• What Transitional Kindergarten is all About


    What is Transitional Kindergarten (TK)?

    ·        TK is an option for children who are age-appropriate for Kindergarten but may not be quite “ready.”  It is an extra year to “learn and grow.”  The program will have 12-14 students, a certified teacher, and a certified teacher assistant.


    How will it work?

    ·        TK will follow the NYS standards for Pre-K and Kindergarten and will use appropriate materials for literacy and math that will facilitate transition to the school’s current Open Court Reading, Handwriting Without Tears, and Everyday Math programs.

    ·        TK will include cognitive skills, social/emotional development, and physical activities for fine and gross motor skills.

    ·        Scheduled daily activities or routines coupled with a classroom management system will support the structure and expectations of the learning environment. A combination of whole group, small group, and 1-1 assistance will be used.


    Why is there a Transitional Kindergarten Program?

    ·        The Kindergarten Team and building principal have noticed that every year we have around 10-12 students who are recommended for retention in Kindergarten or require other assistance.

    ·        We looked into what other schools are doing about this and found something that could be a transitional program at Prospect modeled after one of our neighboring school district’s programs. 

    ·        It is intended to bridge the gap for some children between home, pre-k, and school-age (5 years old) programs that are currently available.


    Why is my child being recommended for the TK program?

              Your child may have been recommended because of any of the following indicators:

    ·        DIAL-3 scaled score that is at or below 52 

    ·        A “late” birthday (August-November)

    ·        A boy with a late birthday (not always an indicator, but could be)

    ·        Parent or other adult concern over readiness

    ·        No previous Pre-K or other center-based programming for social/emotion, cognitive and physical development opportunities.