• Classroom Expectations


    1. Be on time - You should be in your seat immediately after the bell rings. Visiting with friends and going to the restroom need to be done before the bell rings.
         Passes out of or into class:  Please do not ask for passes to leave the class or      coem in the middle of another lesson and ask for a pass.  This tends to disrupt everyone.   

    2. Bring all materials to class - You should have all of your materials with you every day.

    3. Respect yourself and others- This means that everyone is expected to give 100% effort in class. Respect yourself enough to do the best that you can and seek out extra help when it is needed. This also means that you should show respect to your classmates and the teacher by paying attention and participating in class activities.

    Remember: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    4. Safety - It is very important that you follow all safety rules when working in the computer lab setting. Failure to do so will result in a discipline report.

    5. Follow all school rules - All school rules apply in the classroom as well. School rules are listed in the student handbook.

    6. Homework/Classwork Policy - Homework is to be turned in on time. If assignments are turned in late, you will lose 5 points every day it is late. (After 5 days it will no longer be accepted.) If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check with Mrs. Martin for the assignments you missed. You will have as many days to make up an assignment as you were absent.

    7. E-Folders - Students are to have electronic folder for my classes. All Classroom notes and example should be kept in these network notebooks and you will be expected to update this quarterly.

    8. Participation/Attendance Points – Students will be periodically graded on class participation which includes note taking and also classroom discussions.  If you are frequently absent you will loose these points.  Please Don’t Miss Class!