• Print Journalism

    The primary objective of the class is to create a quality high school yearbook.  Students will learn how to organize a yearbook, write copy, work with the yearbook publishers, and tackle yearbook financing.  Students will be responsible for gathering digital photographs for specific yearbook spreads as well.  This entire course is based on meeting deadlines.  Late work is NOT acceptable, because it slows production and will affect yearbook financing. 

    The secondary objective of the class is to publish The Warrior in The Salamanca Press.  Students will be introduced to newspaper journalism.  Emphasis will be on the development of reporting, interviewing, and writing for print.  Students will be responsible for proofing, editing, and creating a layout for their written work. 

                Students may take this course based on recommendation only.  The class is comprised of primarily seniors.  A few juniors may take the course only based on strong recommendations from their freshman and sophomore English teachers.