•  Supply List / Grading Policy

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Please complete the form below and return to school with your child
    on or before September 10th. Returning it on time will count for a
    homework grade for your son or daughter. Below is a supply list,
    contact information and a grading policy that your child received on
    September 3rd.

     Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason. I look forward
    to an exciting and productive school year!

    Contact Information
    Room 31- Email: bkinney@salamancany.org

    *The best way to reach me is by email because I have better access to
    my computer.



    Three ring binder: 2 or 3 inch- this will last for 2 years! 
    2- 3 prong folders

     Grading Scale

    30% Quizzes/Classwork/Homework
    40% Tests/Projects/Papers
    30% Attendance/Participation

    Late Work: The Salamanca English Department has a strict policy on
    late work. This is much different than the policies of the middle
    school. Late work will be accepted at 50% of the original grade.The
    later the work, the lower the grade. Work will not be accepted after
    3 days, unless there is excused absences.

     Extra Credit: Extra Credit will only be given to students who have
    done the class work too. I will not give extra credit when the first
    credit is not being done. Extra Credit will be given to the 9th grade
    students as a whole. Do not ask me for individual extra credit. I
    will give extra credit assignments once per unit.

    I have read and understand the policies of late work, extra credit,
    make up procedures, and classroom expectations regarding Grade 9 ELA.
    If I have any questions regarding policies, grades, or questions in
    general I can contact Mrs. Kinney