• 2020  
    Check out Mrs. Eaton's class page on Power School for complete details! 


    Monday: Math: Mrs. Yehl

    Hello Students and Families! 

    PowerSchool messaging: Use the drop down menu on PowerSchool and select “Math 8”. Hit the bell icon in the top right corner to send me a direct message. 

    Email: My school email address is dyehl@salamancany.org 

    Families, you can use this checklist as a way for students to see what they need to do for their Math work for this week. The students should have their math workbook for certain assignments. I will send any paper copies of other work they would need. Assignments can be done using paper copies or workbook pages or done via Power School. All assignments are on my class pages along with any notes they would need to help complete the work.  
    I hope to see you soon, students. Be well, wash your hands, and be kind! 

    Mrs. Yehl 


    Math 8- Packet reviewing slope

              -Notes on solving systems of equations -There will be a video of the notes on my class pages for you. The back page is homework. 


    Algebra- Start unit 8 on polynomials. You should receive the notes, homework and review packets-they will be bright green. All notes/videos will be posted on my class pages like last week and work will be posted under drop box assignments. We will meet on Monday at 2:00 for any questions.





    TUESDAY: Social Studies 8: Mrs. Eaton

    Hi kids! I very much miss seeing all of you every day. Can you imagine the current events discussions we could be having? Please e-mail me anytime, Deaton@Salamancany.org I may not see you in the classroom but I am still here for you! J

    By the end of today (or this week) I can:


    1. Investigate the beginning of WWII
      1. Watch the episode of “The Century” 1936-1941: Over the Edge. The video is posted on my class pages. Look for the tab “WWII”. Take notes while you watch. To the right of the video you will see a link for the notes. Underneath the link you will see a “Drop Box” to send me your notes after you have saved, typed, and savedJ
      2. Complete the power point “WWII: Gallery Walk Introduction”. The notes are to the right of the power point. When you complete the notes, drop them back to me in the “DROP BOX: WWII: Gallery Walk Intro notes”
    • OR, if internet is an issue:
    1. Read pages 760-765 in your history textbook. Take notes: looking at each picture/graph, look at the captions and describe. There are SIX in this section.
      1. Start a vocabulary notebook from this section. For each bolded word (there are EIGHT): define on a piece of paper.

    Honor’s Social Studies AND/OR Further learning for all students:

    • Complete current events discussion post on Unified Classroom where you investigate American companies creating new products to help the Coronavirus. How is this similar to WWII?
    • Go to Quizlet link on class pages to begin reviewing WWII vocab.
    • Complete BOTH class pages assignment and textbook assignment for further learning!


    Wednesday: ENGLISH: Mrs. Roesser

    PowerSchool messaging: Use the drop down menu on PowerSchool and select “English 8”. Hit the bell icon in the top right corner to send me a direct message. Email: My school email address is aroesser@salamancany.org Families, you can use this checklist as a way for students to see what they need to do for their English work for this week. For every assignment, there are 2 options: either completing the work online via PowerSchool or using the paper copies delivered on April 7th. Both of those options are fine!

    I hope to see you soon, students. Be well, wash your hands, and be kind!

    Mrs. Roesser

    English 8 (periods 1,3,6,7,9)

    By the end of today (or this week) I can:

    • Complete 2 journal writing questions, either on Unified Classroom Class Pages or on the week’s journal question page sent home this week.
    • Complete the planning page and essay on theme, using the step-by-step directions to write an outstanding essay! You can hand write the essay, or type it into a Microsoft Word document and upload it to Unified Classroom


    Accelerated English 8 (period 5A)

    By the end of today (or this week) I can:

    • Complete 2 journal entries, either in Unified Classroom Class Pages or in the packet that was sent home last week.
    • Complete an essay of your choice. You can either:
    1. Complete the essay on theme that was sent home
    2. Complete the lyric analysis paper that was posted on Unified Classroom


    Thursday: Science: Mrs. Johnson

    For this short week, I would like you to watch the following video on electricity.  After break we’ll learn the difference between parallel and series circuits.  This week I just want to make sure you understand how electricity works!

    This week I can:

    1. Watch the following Bill Nye video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFGT4GBwrUk
    2. Complete the accompanying worksheet.

    FROM MR. JANKOWSKI: (Living Environment)

                    Students should continue working on the Body Systems note packet.  I will be sending out a video and some questions that you can look at on Thursday.  Please read through your notes a couple times this week.

    Mr. J


    Friday:  Language and Technology:

    Ms. Cooke: Seneca Language

    You will need handout from Ms. Cooke to complete. Check her class page.

    Directions: After reading all information below, looking at the examples and the pattern of the vocabulary, and formula for large numbers, complete numerals on the next page.  Review your understanding by writing the numerals out in the Seneca Language on the lines provided on the BACK OF SHEET! You may have to flip the page back and forth and build your memory skills to complete.

    Ms. Martinez: Spanish

    April 6-10 

    By the end of this week I can: 

    • Complete 5warm-up sentences in Spanish, regarding my surroundings either on Class Pages, via e-mail, or on the warm-up page sent home
    • Complete a ser vs. estaractivity relating to a variety of conditions either on Class Pages, via e-mail, or on the hardcopy sent home
    • Reada paragraph in Spanish and respond to 6 questions in Spanish relating to the paragraph, either on Class Pages, via e-mail, or on the hardcopy sent home. 
    • Complete a listening activity(provided I have access to the necessary technology) either on Class Pages, via e-mail, or on the hardcopy sent home.  **If I don’t have the necessary technology, I will remain calm and skip this activity.J**



    Mr. Canon: Technology

    Check Mr. Canon’s class pages for complete plans.