Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!


    This page is your one stop shop to what's happening in all 8th grade classes. This site is updated every Monday morning so students and families can see the latest on homework, quizzes, tests, field trips and other important events. 


    Upcoming field trips: 

    Pittsburgh: Saturday, June 8th. Arrive by 6:15AM, pickup is approximately 10 PM.

    Darien Lake: Friday, June 14th.  


    May 28-31

      • History:
        • This week we will be learning about the 1960s! We will tackle the Civil Rights movement, emphasizing vocabulary and key moments in the movement such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This week's homework: article with questions on Selma. Honor's class: posts on "I Have a Dream" due early in the week.
      • English:
        • Reading Night, reviewing literary terms, and working with text-based citations  to delve into complex themes and concepts about the Holocaust
      • Science with Mrs. Johnson:


        Wrapping up lab practical, getting ready for Science state assessment.

    Math 8:

     Reviewing linear equations, scientific notation and rotations.





    • Math with Mrs. Cappucio

       Chapter on statistics



    • Seneca Language: 
    •  We are reviewing our listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

    • Science with Mrs. Healy and Mr. Jankowski:
      • Accelerated Living Environment: 



          Mr. Jankowski will be finishing up Body Systems this week and part of next week.  The remainder of the year will be spent covering a few short topics that still need to be covered, and review of material covered this year.  This is a critical time that can determine a big swing in exam results.  STUDENTS: Please consider attending review classes for Regents Living Environment as well as your other courses.  This week’s Review Class:  Thurs. May 30     4:00 – 6:00 PM  (Rm 209, Seneca)


        • Regents Living Environment Exam:  Tuesday, June 18 at Noon


        • Accelerated Living Environment Lab:
        • LAB UPDATE:  This Friday (May 31) is the last day to submit labs for this school year.  Please get those labs turned in!  The remainder of lab periods will be used to review for Part D of the Regents Exam.  Part D focuses on the 4 NYS Labs that you did during the school year.  Review of these labs will be critical for success in Part D.  Please be there for these lab periods and pay close attention – it will be a big help for success on the exam.


      • Spanish:

        This week we’re working with the verb “tener” which means “to have;” along with vocabulary regarding school schedules.  We’re practicing talking about which classes students have, who their teachers are, and incorporating the verbs “ser” and “estar” in Spanish, both of which mean “to be.”