• Mrs MacArthur

  • hey Good day!  My name is Mrs. MacArthur.  I am the High school Art teacher and would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I went to High school at Allegany while it was still Allegany!  Yup, I'm getting that old!  I still live in Allegany so I am a local girl!  I went to SUNY Fredonia for my Bachelors in Fine Arts with a minor in Drawing and also Photography.  I then attended R.I.T. and earned my Masters in Art education and received my certification to teach. 

    Philosophy-  I believe that there are many ways to be good at art.  Art is not just drawing and painting, it can be any way that you use to express yourself or a creative outlet.  It can be cooking, music, beading and even welding! Everyone can find a way to be good at art! 

    So often society has turned to the overwhelming testing of all our children.  They are taught there is only one right answer and only one way to come up with that answer.  I believe that once our children are in the workforce we are doing them an injustice by not equipping them with the tools to think outside the box.  Art is a way for them to explore different problems and come up with a solution that works for them, they will be able to self assess and be proactive in taking the next step needed to finish the problem.  Let's face it, no employer want to tell their employee what do every step of the way, they want someone to take the initiative to do the right thing!