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    Mrs. John AIS- Reading


    Why is my child receiving AIS Services?


     Based on state regulations, students who score below the state designated performance level on the ELA, require school districts to provide Academic Intervention Services.  However, these services are also provided to students, based on district criteria and teacher recommendation.


    What does AIS stand for?


     AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services. These services act as a support system for your child’s achievement.


      What does my child do during AIS?


     You may be wondering what your child actually does during their AIS period. Students are grouped into small groups based on their specific needs. By working in a small group setting, and receiving one-on-one instruction, your child is able to address concerns and specific difficulties with several topics.  This time is also used to teach your child the skills to become active readers and writers.  This course is designed to improve your child’s skills in organization, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing.  The class is designed  so that multiple skills will be addressed on a daily basis.  During class, your child is provided with graphic organizers and encouraged to make predictions, summarize information, clarify confusing information, and question a text as they read.  By utilizing these strategies during class, students can take these skills and apply these skills to all reading and writing activities which they will encounter.


    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via email at  mjohn@salamancany.org, or you may call me  at 945-2400 x6073 between 2:30-2:45 daily.


    I look forward to working with your child!