• The goal of Salamanca Physical Education is to educate all students physically, mentally, and socially. We strive to prepare the students not only for today, but their future. A physically healthy and active child will succeed in the classroom as well as in the real world. Physical Education is for LIFE!

    Every student who attends school must take part in a physical education program.  Students in grades 7-12 must successfully complete the physical education course during each year they attend school in order to qualify for graduation. 

    If a student requires a special or adaptive physical education program, he/she should notify the guidance counselor and P.E. teacher as soon as possible.  A note from the student’s physician may also be required.

    f a student must be excused from P.E. classes for less than a week either due to minor injuries or upon returning to school following an illness, the student must deliver a note from the parent to the physical education teacher.

    If a student must be excused from P.E. for more than a week, that student must deliver a note from his/her physician to the school nurse.

    Proper Attire for Physical Education Class:

    Gym Class:                                            Pool Class:

    1. sneakers (not shoes or sandals)        1. swim suit
    2. shirt or sweatshirt                            2. towel
    3. shorts or sweatpants
    4. towel

    Students are expected to dress appropriately in order to participate in physical education classes.  All students are required to wear sneakers for safety and performance reasons.