• Seneca Language, Culture & History Curriculum at Salamanca City Central Schools
    The student body at Salamanca City Central Schools is uniquely diverse in its composition of Native and non-native Americans. To serve this culturally rich student body, the school offers a curriculum that includes Seneca language and culture instruction for all students. 
    Seneca language, as taught at SCCSD, is approved for the New York State Department of Education foreign language requirement. And, as of the 2011-2012 year, SCCSD began offering a Seneca language level V class. Seneca History I and II are offered as history electives to juniors and seniors wishing to study the Seneca Nation's history and culture in greater depth. 
    Extracurricular student groups are also involved in sharing Seneca culture and increasing public awareness of indigenous issues. Seneca Youth Dancers is a school sponsored club that travels far and wide to share Seneca culture through traditional dances. A Model United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (Model UNPFII), formed in 2010, is the first student organization of its kind in the world, and this student group spoke before the annual sessions of the UNPFII at the United Nations in May 2011 and 2012.