• Warrior Vision Productions
    are produced by the students in the Communications and Media Production classes at Salamanca Junior/Senior High School with the guidance of their teacher, Mrs. Hill. The curriculum includes an optional half year introductory course reviewing the development, structure, organization, and function of communications in society. First and second level courses in television production and journalism build students' skills and provide them hands-on work creating these communications (click on the images to view productions):
    Warrior Vision Producers:
    Hunter McCauley
    Brandon Milanowski
    Zariah Armstrong
  • TV with Warrior 
    The Warrior Wakeup is the morning announcements program broadcast daily to the High School student body 
  •  Page one of the 2012 yearbook  
    The Seneca is the Junior/Senior High School yearbook
  • Cameraman
    Warrior Vision Programs are video productions broadcast on SCCSD cable channel 13 and posted to this website for online viewing.
    To order a DVD Copy of a recorded Event (Pre-K Celebration, Kindergarten Concert, Moving Up Day, Senior Graduation...) please use this form  - DVD's are $10.00 while proceeds are used for an End of Year Graduation Award.
    Click here for the order form. 
    Please contact Michelle Hill by email MHill@salamancany.org or phone 945-2404 Ext. 6107.
  • The Warrior
    is the student newspaper printed and distributed in the city newspaper, The Salamanca Press.