Safe Stop

Please Note: the SafeStop App relies on a third-party GPS device on board the school bus, which sometimes does not transmit information every 30 seconds. We strongly encourage you to arrive at the bus stop 5-10 minutes prior to the expected arrival time to ensure you do not miss the bus or slow down the boarding procedure.

Salamanca City Central School District is pleased to offer families access to our new school bus tracking app, SafeStop. The app shows the approximate location of the designated bus, its Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at bus stops, and any important status updates. When using the app, please keep in mind that this is a tool meant to help you plan around arrival and departure times. Please arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the expected arrival time to prevent the bus from being delayed for other parents, and to prevent potentially unsafe boarding situations.To get started, access one of our available versions:


Download the SafeStop app to your mobile device by using the above links or by searching for "SafeStop" on iTunes or Google Play.

  1. Click/Tap Create An Account, and from the drop-down list select your state. From the new drop-down that populates, select Salamanca City School District.

  2. Enter your valid contact information and click/tap REGISTER.

  3. Check your email for an email verification code, enter it into the app, and click SUBMIT.

  4. Enter your Student ID(s) and click/tap SUBMIT. To retrieve your child(s) student number:

    1. Log on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal (Grades Online).

    2. Select "Quick Links" and click Portal Login Page. A new tab will open, scroll to the bottom of the menu and select Demographics View on the left menu.

    3. Locate the Student number at the top right. .

  5. Set your notification preferences and click/tap SUBMIT to complete your secure registration.


Once you have successfully completed your registration, click/tap GO TO MY STOPS to start setting up your account.

  • Once you login to your new account, your assigned bus stops (AM and PM) should populate. If you do not see your bus stops, or your bus stops are incorrect, please reach out to the SCCSD Transportation Department.

  • Adjust the notification preferences for your stop by clicking/tapping and dragging it on your screen. You may also widen the area of your preferences by expanding the circle. You will be notified once the bus has entered your selected notification area.


  • In the Map View feature, you can see the approximate location of your child's bus on its route. If this appears to be incorrect, or if the bus is not moving, please contact the Customer Support Team using the contact information below.

  • A red pin is used to indicate your bus stop. Click/tap EDIT STOP PREFERENCES to view and adjust your notification area. You will receive a text message letting you know that your student's bus has entered your notification area.

  • Access SafeStop's Alerts & Messaging feature by tapping the message box icon in the bottom center of the screen. The alerts feature will allow you to review any messages from your school or the SCCSD Transportation Department.

  • To change your settings or connect with us, tap the gear icon located in the bottom right corner of your screen, or contact us directly with the contact information below.


  • For help with installation or registration, contact Levi Sponeybarger by email at or by phone at (716) 945-2400 Ext. 5552

  • To report an issue with the app itself, please tap the Settings Icon and select Report An App Issue.