• Organizing Note Cards
    Separate your cards into multiple piles based on the pattern of organization that you established in the previous step.  This is where the slugs or topics that you wrote at the top of each note card come in handy!
    1.   Make sure that you have your source number and parenthetical citations written on all of your note cards.  If you don’t, go back and do this NOW before you start the next step. 
    2.   Separate your cards into major groups or categories.  Major categories for our sample paper on railroads, would be:
    --introduction and background information
    --- allowing materials and goods to be more easily transported
    --allowing people to travel between industrial centers more quickly
    --decreasing the cost of products. 
    3.   Now, look at the cards in each category separately. Use the topics at the top of each card to separate these cards into smaller groups or categories as well.
    4.   Make sure that all of the cards are in the order that you would like to use them in your paper.