• Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services

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    Dr. Mark D. Beehler
    716-945-2400 ext. 6028

    As the Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services, my job is to improve teaching and learning throughout the Salamanca Community.  Through this office, with the assistance of Mrs. Ann Smith, we are responsible for the following programs and services:

    • curriculum 
    • instruction
    • assessment
    • extended day learning
    • professional development
    • community education
    • home schooling

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  • Academic Progress,
    A school fulfills many roles in the community, but at the core of our responsibilities is that of educating our children.  Over the past several years, each school within the district has improved their academic success as measured not only by classroom grades, course offerings, and standardized tests, but on the New York State Assessments as well.  We are most proud of our high school improvements in both the graduation rate and dropout rate.  Below you will see several charts that demonstrate that progress.  

     Grad Rate  adv diploma  

    NA Grad Rate NA Adv Diploma


Last Modified on December 13, 2018