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PROSPECT ELEMENTARY  - Come join your homeroom huddle everyday!  

September 1st—11th          e-Learning for all grade levels (UPK-3)
September 7                        NO SCHOOL—Labor Day
September 14th                   Hybrid students begin in building 

  • Monday & Tuesday—A day

  • Thursday & Friday— B day

A” students follow e-Learning schedule on Thursday/Fridays.

B” students follow E-learning schedule on Mondays & Tuesdays. 

Wednesday’s Homeroom Huddle and office hours for all homerooms. (No ELA, Math or Science/Social study zooms) 

Accessing ClassPages / PowerSchool

The Salamanca City Central School District has invested in the use of ClassPages - PowerSchool and will be the main means of communication and learning for ALL students in the District.

Every morning your child will need to attend their Homeroom Huddle—please see your child’s Homeroom Huddle time below.  You can access the Homeroom Huddle through ClassPages.  After their Homeroom Huddle your child will have several things they need to get done to get all of their academic work.  The grade level team has created a ClassPage that has everything your child needs to access their learning.  There will be videos of lessons for the day, assignments, specials and much more.  It is critical that your child get their daily academic work complete. 

On Wednesdays there will be no ELA, Math or Science & Social Studies time.  Your child’s teacher will have office hours on Wednesdays for any support needed. 

If you have not already created your PowerSchool Parent Portal account - please visit - you'll need an Access ID and Access Password to link your student(s) to your account. If you have any questions or need help - please contact or call 716-945-2400 ext. 5552

To Access PowerSchool:

Check out this video on how to maneuver through Unified ClassPages / PowerSchool