Kiwanis Terrific Kids


A monthly award sponsored by the Kiwanis Club is the “Terrific Kid” award. Parents write what their child did outside of school that is deserving of recognition and The "Terrific Kid" of the month is selected from these written nominations. The student chosen receives a T shirt and a pin and their parent gets a “Terrific Kid” bumper sticker. Nomination forms are HERE.


Drew - September

Drew Hayes - September

For the month of September Kiwanis and Prospect would like to recognize Drew Hayes from Mrs. Chriss’s 3rd grade class for showing thoughtful, inclusive, and friendly actions when she saw another girl crying on the playground.  When she went to see what was wrong, the little girl shared that some other children were not being kind to her.  There was a small group of students nearby still teasing this girl when Drew told them to knock it off and to leave her alone and go away. Drew stayed with the girl until she knew she was okay.  Prospect and Kiwanis is proud of Drew for standing up for what is right and for standing up to others who were not showing kindness.  Keep it up Drew!  You will help make this world a kinder place ❤

Amelia - October

Amelia Bova - October

For the month of October, we would like to recognize another thoughtful girl from Mrs. Holleran class.  Amelia Bova was at one of her Lacrosse games this season when a child from the other team fell down on the field.  Amelia noticed this and went right over to help the other player up and make sure they were okay.  WOW!  What amazing sportsmanship and awareness to others!  Amelia is known by family and friends to often help people whether it’s helping them up or helping them out by tending to their needs when sick or hurt.  Amelia you are amazing! Kiwanis and Prospect are incredibly proud of the choices you are making!


Carter and Mrs. Kloss - Terrific Kid October

Carter Jackson - October 2022

We are happy to announce we have our first Kiwanis Terrific Kid of the 2022-2023 school year.  Carter Jackson from Mrs. Wulf’s kindergarten class recently demonstrated that thoughtfulness can truly make someone’s day.  While waiting for his school bus, he saw some flowers and started picking them.  When mom asked why he was picking them he did not respond right away.  Instead, as the bus pulled up and he got on, he handed the flowers to the bus monitor and told her they were for her.  He continued to comment to have a great day!  Well Carter, we are all sure she had a fabulous day with such an act of kindness to start it off.  Thank you for being so caring!


Miles Whitcomb - January

Miles Whitcomb from Ms. Isaac’s prek class has shown such helpful and thoughtful actions recently too. He spent almost 2 hours cleaning out his family’s van by wiping down seats, throwing away garbage, and hosing the outside down. He was given 20 dollars for his hard work and when taken to Walmart to buy whatever he wanted, the only thing he wanted to get was a Barbie for his little sister. In addition, over the holiday break while going to Lacrosse, the family was stopped at a red light when a lady came to the car asking for money. They gave 5 dollars to the woman, but Miles kept questioning why she needed it. This experience had such an impact on him that he wanted to know how to get food for families who may not have any for the holidays. This four-year old already knows the importance of caring for the people around him.

March Terrific Kids

March Terrific Kids

For the month of March, Kiwanis would like to recognize two students for their sense of responsibility, thoughtfulness, and friendliness. Evelyn Greathouse from Mrs. Clayson’s class likes to take care of her 3 dogs, 2 cats, and guinea pig. She is the one who always makes sure the animals have food, water, and lots of love every day. In addition, when the weather is nicer, she enjoys going next door to help her neighbor water her flowers and feed her birds. Evelyn is known to be positive and kind! Novelle Morton from Miss Green’s class is also always happy to lend a helping hand. Just recently, she spent her weekend helping her grandparents measure and lay down their new floor. In addition, she sat with her cousin to help teach him the letters in his name, so he could learn to write his name. Novell loves to keep busy, and she often chooses to help cook, clean, feed the dogs, or watch her baby brother over playing. You girls are amazing!


Ben Stahlman - January

Our two friends have demonstrated that kindness goes a long way. Over winter break, Mrs. Vogle noticed a Prospect student helping an elderly woman carry her groceries into her house. This young man’s act was thoughtful and respectful. He realized he could take the initiative and show true kindness while helping a neighbor. This student is a second grader from Mrs. Smith’s class, Ben Stahlman.


Eleanor Camden - February

February is a month full of celebration with our 100th Day of School and Dr. Seuss’s birthday, so let’s also celebrate a student for making a terrific choice in making a new friend.

Eleanor Camden from Mrs. Wade’s second grade, saw another Prospect student crying before school earlier this school year. This boy was having a hard time making friends which made it difficult for his mom to drop him off to school. Well, Ellie didn’t want to see this boy upset anymore and made a point to go sit next to him and talk to him. They developed a friendship, and she makes a point to see him each morning before school starts. In addition, she makes sure to smile and say hi at lunch. Not only did Ellie’s demonstration of thoughtfulness impact this first grader and make him happy and excited to come to school each day, it took the stress out of his mom’s day. Ellie’s parents are very proud of their daughter and her ability to care for others and so is Prospect!

Way to go Eleanor!


Annsley Terrific Student

Annsely Caputi November 2021

For the month of November, Kiwanis would like to recognize Annsley Caputi from Ms. Reynolds classroom.  Recently, Annsley saved her money and purchased food and supplies for a shelter that takes care of homeless cats near her grandma’s house.  While doing so, she came across 5 small kittens and sat with them until they were able to be picked up and taken to a home to be fostered. 

Annsley we are certainly grateful for your thoughtfulness and responsibility to the animals in your community.  You are certainly capable of showing great leadership qualities, and we encourage you to keep up such acts of kindness!

Aliana Smith

Aliana Smith - January 2022

A very special thank you to Officer Steve for forwarding a nomination for Terrific Kid for Aliana Smith! We completely agree and would like to acknowledge Aliana as Kiwanis’s Terrific Kid for the month of January!  Aliana, please stay true to your giving nature and thoughtfulness!  We are so proud of you! 

 Aliana’s family writes:

 I don’t  know if the school is still doing the terrific kid thing, but if they are she has really earned it. We made all the decorations for the tree (referenced on page two) by hand. Then we went to Ciara Desbien's house and had her son Jayden Barton help us decorate the tree in honor of his mother getting a new kidney for Christmas.

Payton O'Brien

Payton O'Brien - February 2022

During the month that emphasizes love, Payton demonstrated a friendly, kind, and caring nature. Payton is always trying to make others feel happy or feel included.  She doesn’t like to see anyone sad or left out.  She likes to bring treats or toys to share with her class.  At home, she asks to wash dishes often or help with dinner on a daily basis.  Keep spreading the love Clyde and Payton!  You are making a difference!

Rayah Sidow Stafford

Rayah Sidow Stafford - April 2022

As April comes and goes, Kiwanis would like to recognize 2 students for their terrific choices outside of school.  Rayah Sidow Stafford from Mrs. Coustenis’s 2nd grade was nominated for being so very helpful with her younger brother on a daily basis.  Also, she is responsible when caring for the family pets.  She shows consideration to others and loves to share whatever she has with those around her.  Let’s give a big shout out to such great leadership qualities. 


Rosalie Jimerson

Kindergartner Rosalie Jimerson from Ms. Cammarano’s class is described as a being the most kind-hearted little girl.  She is always willing to help others and wants to make sure everyone is okay.  One day, she came home from school telling her family that one of her classmates was crying in line because he wanted to go home.  Rosalie hugged him and told him “It’ll be okay…we’re going home soon”.   This is how she is at home as a big sister too. She loves to make her siblings laugh because she loves them all so much.

Vivian Logan terrific Kid december`

Vivian Logan - December 2021

Three cheers for December’s Kiwanis TERRIFIC Kid!  Vivian Logan is a thoughtful second grader who loves cheerleading.  She supported her team this past fall.  At her last cheerleading practice, she received the “Fun Dip” award.  When she opened her award, there were individually wrapped packages.  Vivian decided she would rather share them with her friends than keep for herself.  In doing so, she was left with none for herself.  This did not matter.  She still was happy giving them all away.  Vivian we love your big heart!

Clyde Torres

Clyde Torres - February 2022

Kiwanis and Prospect school would like to recognize Clyde Torres from Mrs. Smith’s 2nd grade class. During the month that emphasizes love, Clyde demonstrated a friendly, kind, and caring nature.  Every time Clyde goes to the playground or some social activity he introduces himself and his siblings to potential new friends.  He is very fair and takes suggestions on what to play/do.  He always uses his manners and loves to meet new people. 

Hudson Rychick

Hudson Rychick - March 2022

For the month of March, Kiwanis would like to recognize Hudson Rychcik as a Terrific Kid!  Hudson is a third grader in Mrs. Dybka’s room.  He is a kind boy who consistently demonstrates the ability to master new things.  He is an enormous help at home and truly lightens the load between house repairs, lawn work, and other chores within the house.  He likes to set a good example for his younger brother.  It takes a true leader to be responsible, try new things,  and set goals in order to be a good role model.   We are proud of you Hudson!

Owen Jacobs

Owen Jacobs - April 2022

Our second nomination comes Miss Isaac’s K/1 class, Owen Jacobs.  On April 22nd, Owen learned about Earth Day in school and went right home and shared with his family all that he learned.  He explained ways they can help keep the Earth clean.  That weekend, when he took his dogs for a walk around the school, Owen asked if he could go back home to grab a garbage bag and clean up.  So that is exactly what the family did.  How terrific that Owen applied what he learned at school and came up with the idea to go back and make our Earth cleaner.  We are all so proud of such a service to the community.  A big Hoorah to Owen!


Nia Parker

Nia Parker from Mrs. Kloss’s first grade class shows the same kind of thoughtfulness with her little sister.  In addition, she shows responsibility by making sure her sister is okay when they are at the playground and watches over her.  Also, mom shares that Nia is friendly by playing well with others and never being rude to friends.  She stays positive and helpful to those around her.  Nia shows respect by using her manners and listening to those around her. 


Congratulation’s girls!  Keep smiling and keep caring!


Terrific Kids picture

Payton Jimerson
November 2020

Our first Kiwanis Terrific Kid of the 2020-21 school year is Payton Jimerson.   

Payton, a 1st grader at Prospect Elementary, and her older brother Ryder were busy this in early November preparing for Veteran’s  Day! They made handmade cards and custom treat bags for the veterans residing at a local assisted living community. 

While completing this thoughtful activity which honored local veterans, these young role models learned a ton about veterans, community service, and even had a little history lesson.  

Payton told her mom she was sad that she couldn’t personally deliver the bags due to the no visitor restrictions.  

Keep shining like the star you are Payton! 

Lincoln Rychcik

Lincoln Rychcik
December 2020

Second, we want to take note of Lincoln Rychcik from Mrs. Urbanski’s kindergarten.  Lincoln really cares about other’s feelings.  He enjoys helping around the house and taking care of the animals.  Mom says he loves all animals.  This year for Christmas he is picking out a toy for a child in need and is incredibly excited over it.  It is obvious these two young individuals have huge hearts.  Keep spreading the goodwill you two especially during such difficult times!

Mason Zeth

Mason Zeth
January 2021

Similarly,  Mason Zeth from Ms. Borowiak’s class likes to help take care of his baby sister.  Even as little sis continuously throws her toys, he will gather them back up for her.  He tries to make her feel better when she is crying.  In addition, Mason loves to learn.  Mom says he is always asking to do school work. He enjoys it so much that they had to go to the store to buy an activity book for extra work.   His enthusiasm extends to zooming with his class.  It is true that it’s the little everyday activities that begin to shape our children, and these two are growing into thoughtful and responsible leaders!  Keep up the good work!

March Terrific Kid

Kelsey Kennedy
March 2021

​March’s Kiwanis Terrific Kid comes from Mrs. Cammarano’s class.  Kelsey Kennedy is known as a teacher by her own right since she takes the time to teach her little sister new things every day.  In addition, she often befriends other children at the playground who are playing by themselves or she takes the time to talk to people at the store or in church.  Kelsey has donated several bags/clothes to the less fortunate.  She completes chores such as feeding the dog and folding washcloths without complaint.  She will even pick up trash around the neighborhood without being asked.  Her friendliness, thoughtfulness, respect, and civic duty is commendable and worth recognition!  Congratulations Kelsey on being a TERRIFIC Kid!

Ava Chriss

Ava Chriss
April 2021

For the month of April, we would like to recognize 2 children who demonstrate that taking the lead on helping out around the house benefits the whole family.  First, we will look at siblings Landon and Ava Chriss from Ms. Fisher and Mrs. Dybka’s class.  Landon asked if he could help wipe off all the groceries outside which of course mom appreciated very much.  Then, he carried them into the house for his sisters to take the items out of the bag and place on the counter for mom.  But to mom’s surprise the children did not stop there.  They proceeded to put the groceries away in their correct places.  The children had the bags all picked up, snacks in the pantry, and everything in its place.  Mom was overjoyed. 

Jetta Weishan Terrific Kid May

Jetta Weishan
May 2021

Jetta Jay Weishan from Miss Ottman’s class helps mom so much with her younger sister.   Mom explains that on mornings when her sister is grumpy, Jetta will pack Priya’s favorite blanket for her.  Like a mom Jetta has taken on a protective role of her sister.   Jetta has shown her thoughtfulness on two occasions when she lost her tooth.  She chose to share her tooth fairy money with her little sister.  And speaking of her little sister….Priya Weishan from Ms. Borowiak’s class is described as being very thoughtful since she will often ask if help is needed with the laundry and cleaning!  Mom says she is enthusiastic when it’s time for her school days/her zooms with both her classroom and diversified studies teachers. 

Maddy June Terrific Kid

Maddy Minotti
June 2021

For the month of June, we will recognize two first graders who both make responsible choices.

 Maddy Minotti from Mrs. Clayson’s class absolutely loves to learn new things!  Mom says she has such a drive to be the best she can be.  How does she demonstrate this?  Well even through a pandemic and having to spend a year at home, Maddy was always ready and on time to her classroom zoom classes.  She even made sure she joined the diversified studies classes.  She took the initiative and made sure she learned all she could which has led to continued success! 

Lucie Katta

Lucie Katta
December 2020

It is so amazing that even during a pandemic when many need to stay home in order to be safe that our children can still find ways to be TERRIFIC.  This month we will be celebrating two children who have demonstrated many features of our Terrific Kid qualifications.  First, we want to acknowledge Lucie Katta from Mrs. Morlock’s class who was given a gift card recently and instead of buying herself something with the money, she decided to buy presents for her family which included her mom, dad, older brother, and his girlfriend, both grandmas, grandpa, and yes even the grandparent’s dog.  She was so happy buying for everyone else that she wanted to be the one to wrap the presents as well! 

Alayna Sturtevant

Alayna Sturtevant
January 2021

Let’s extend the season of giving and care by celebrating the little things our children do that add up to something BIG-a future adult who understands the meaning of respect, responsibility, and civic duty. Alayna Sturtevant from Mrs. Kloss’s class is her mom’s best helper at their home daycare.  Alayna is quick to help when one of the other children is in need.  She is the first to volunteer without being asked whether it is to hold the door, feed a baby, or play with someone who needs a friend.  When it’s just family time, she will help mom with dishes and laundry among other things.  Furthermore, she will continue to help her little brother by getting his toothbrush ready or assisting him in cleaning up his mess. 

Hazel Jimerson

Hazel Jimerson
February 2021

In the month where love is celebrated, Kiwanis would like to take time to recognize Hazel Jimerson from Ms. Borowiak’s room for the love and care she shows her pets.  Hazel is thoughtful and responsible when it comes to taking care of her pets.  She gives her cat Figaro food every morning without being told to do so.  She explains it’s because she “doesn’t want her kitty going hungry while she’s in school.”  In addition, Hazel helps to give her dog Maxxy dinner every evening, so he can eat with the rest of the family.  We all know that our fur babies show unconditional love and support and help us through difficult times by offering comfort.  It is nice to know that our younger generations are making a point to take care of them.  Stay sweet Hazel!

Kendall McLarney

Kendall McLarney
April 2021

Kendall McLarney from Mrs. Coustenis class who has recently taken up quite an interest in helping with household chores, without being asked to do so.  Aside from her daily chores already in place, Kendall has been helping mom with the laundry from start to finish.  The minute she asks to turn the music on, mom knows that Kendall is determined to clean something, all while singing.  Mom is very proud of how Kendall finishes her school work and then finds time to help others in any way she can.  We too are proud of this month’s Kiwanis Terrific Kids!

Landon Chriss

Landon Chriss
April 2021

For the month of April, we would like to recognize 2 children who demonstrate that taking the lead on helping out around the house benefits the whole family.  First, we will look at siblings Landon and Ava Chriss from Ms. Fisher and Mrs. Dybka’s class.  Landon asked if he could help wipe off all the groceries outside which of course mom appreciated very much.  Then, he carried them into the house for his sisters to take the items out of the bag and place on the counter for mom.  But to mom’s surprise the children did not stop there.  They proceeded to put the groceries away in their correct places.  The children had the bags all picked up, snacks in the pantry, and everything in its place.  Mom was overjoyed. 

Lyla Duhan Terrific Kid May

Lyla Duhan
May 2021

Lyla Duhan from Mrs. Smith’s class is also very attentive to her little sister!  She takes responsibility by completing her chores and is in charge of teaching and playing with her.  She also likes to read and help mom make dinner.  

Layla June Terrific Kid

Layla Frankin
June 2021

Layla Franklin from Mrs. Wallin’s class showed she was responsible earlier this year when she had to have a patch test done.  Mom says that Layla listened to everything the doctor said and followed his instructions.  She didn’t scratch or move around too much.  She was even careful to make sure none of the patches came off.