Message from the Super

A Message from the Superintendent:

Salamanca School District is aware of the racially offensive spectator incident at a recent boys lacrosse game between Williamsville South and Lakeshore schools. We applaud the responsive action taken by Williamsville Schools to investigate and take action to ensure athletes and spectators can participate in events free from racism, bias, and aggression.

Salamanca School District strives to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere for home and guest spectators so they may enjoy the gameplay on our fields, on our courts, in our pools, and other play areas. It is important to recognize that while attending events in our schools, spectators are not only guests of the Salamanca School District but are guests on the Seneca Nation of Indians Allegany Territory. We encourage support and good sportsmanship on the field and off the field, but any forms of inappropriate, offensive, or derogatory comments or actions are not tolerated.
Our schools stand with the Seneca Nation of Indians, Williamsville Schools, Lakeshore Schools, and all Indigenous community members to promote diversity and equity and to make improvements that will benefit the next seven generations of students.

Dr. Mark D. Beehler