safe and civl

The Salamanca City Central School District is proud to announce the implementation of the Safe and Civil Schools Program. Safe and Civil Schools will be used in all of our buildings to help teachers and administrators design and implement a better school improvement plan that improves overall school culture and climate by explicitly teaching and enforcing student respect and responsibility.

Safe and Civil Schools has been built on over 30 years of experience. Randy Sprick, and associates, refine decades of research on effective teaching methods into practical, easy-to-use principles and procedures. Our staff development has helped school districts throughout North America build the knowledge base needed to create positive school environments that are emotionally and physically safe and that foster independence, integrity, confidence, self-control, kindness, and responsibility.

When students come to SENECA ELEMENTARY, they are CHAMPS!!!

CHAMPS is a system set up within the Safe and Civil Schools Program, used to create a solid system of classroom management. All of our Seneca Elementary Teachers will be implementing this system to make sure that all students in our building are following the same expectations in discipline and overall behavior in school.

CHAMPS is an acronym which helps teachers and students to have explicit expectations in the following areas:

C - conversation.

H - help

A - activity

M - movement

P - participation




Lunch Time CHAMPS

Here you can view a video of what is expected in our Cafetarias.