Onödowa’ga:’ and Hodinöhsö:ni:h History Resources

Disclaimer: The following resources have been divided into sections by general historical time periods and have been alphabetized within each of the tables. These resources include both up to date and outdated resources. The SCCSD Native American Curriculum Team does not feel that outdated resources should be discarded because they have their place, however they should be used with very carefully. We strongly encourage consulting with our team prior to utilizing them. Resources are ever expanding; if you have something you would like our team to review and discuss, please contact our team. These resources are primarily physical copies that belong to the SCCSD Native American Curriculum Team. The following resources can be made available within the SCCSD school district. For individuals outside of the district wanting to obtain physical copies, we strongly encourage purchasing from Indigenous owned institutions and organizations. For further consultation on the use of the following materials, contact our team via email Nact@salamancany.org