Salamanca schedules, coordinates, and implements push-in cultural programming (Pre-K-12) in the general education setting, in addition to building-wide cultural events and activities to promote Seneca and Indigenous cultural identity and awareness. Title VI personnel attend monthly district Indian Education Committee meetings, Indian policy and procedure meetings/forums, and Title VI Indian Parent Committee meetings to collaborate and discuss areas of improvement and growth for Indigenous students. Monthly Native American service provider meetings are held to promote synergies with Title VI objectives and activities, such as attendance, at-risk Native American student supports, cultural literacy programs, language programs, and cultural enrichment events/activities. Coordinate field trips for students regarding cultural awareness and historical exposure, along with college and career exploration trips to regional academic, government, or business institutions. Promote and organize culturally related Professional Development opportunities for staff and faculty annually.  Work directly with the Indigenous Youth Council and Seneca Youth Dancer cultural resource specialist advisers to run bi-weekly student lead IYC & SYD programs throughout the school year. Work with Title VI personnel for consistent meaningful collaboration and student cultural programing improvement. Native American student school counselor working with students grade 8-12 to ensure increased attendance, graduation opportunities and outreach support.  Native American social worker Pre-K- 3rd grade to provide increased supports to at-risk Native students and family involvement. The district also coordinates with Seneca Nation Education Department to schedule tutoring sessions, cultural events, and educational programming. 

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