Annual Awards Dinner

Department awards:

Science - Alicia FIske
History - Kendell Valvo
English/Media - Lily Bryant
Math - Andy Herrick
Music - Mitchel Schnaufer
Business - Cole Hedlund
Art - Jaelyn Rockwell
LOTE - Jenah Robinson-Enix
Leadership - Kylynn Herrick
Physical Education - Mariah Downey
Avid Reader - Norah Clayson

Awards for grades 8-12 based on Effort:

8th Grade - Bradley Britton
9th Grade - Ava Crane
10th Grade - Abigail Goode
11th Grade - Harley Brown
12th Grade - Xavier Jimerson

Academic Awards for grade 8-12 are as follows:

8th Grade - Makenzie Crouse
9th Grade - Summer Downey
10th Grade - Camryn Quigley
11th Grade - Sierra Haynoski
12th Grade - Jillian Rea

The Warrior Pride Award was presented to Riley Brown

It gives me great pleasure to present this year’s Warrior Pride Award.  This award recognizes one student in grades 8 – 12 who embodies being a Warrior.  The recipient of this award should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  1. Compassion, kind and friendly to everyone

  2. Strong positive leadership skills

  3. Selfless, puts others first and goes above and beyond for peers.

  4. Volunteers in the school and community

This year it is an honor to present this award to Riley Brown.  In my opinion, Riley is the hands down winner of this award.  He is a Warrior not only in name but also in word and deed.

The whole Warrior staff is proud of Riley. He is a born leader in every club and program he participates in whether it be Key Club, DECA, Warrior Vision and Drama Club. Most of the organizations that he is involved with are designed to focus on improving his school, community, and the world.  Riley is a stand “out” student who exhibits immense character, class, work ethic and compassion for others in his school, community and beyond. Tenacity, perseverance, and determination make Riley exceptional, but Riley always take the time out to help those around him whenever he is able and that is something that exemplifies his character.  Riley unfortunately has had to endure some health problems but because of his amazing positive personality and determination, he has overcome all of it and has sincerely been a huge inspiration to all. He could very easily use this as a reason to not succeed, but in fact, uses it as the reason he succeeds.  He has an amazing spirit that is contagious and fun.

Riley Brown displays Warrior pride in work and deed.  Riley is friendly and is involved in various activities within the school as well as outside the school.  Riley is compassionate to everyone, and I have never heard him speak ill of anyone.  Riley leads by example.....he shows what it means to be a Warrior. He has pushed forward through it all with dignity and class.  He makes others want to Walk the Warrior Way on a daily basis.

The Nelson Beard You've Got this Award was presented to Andrew McCormick

I have the privilege of presenting one of our Seneca Intermediate students with the Nelson Beard, “You’ve Got This” award.  Although I did not have the privilege of knowing Mr. Beard personally, his memory and legacy live on at Seneca Intermediate and Prospect Elementary. Not only a great educator, but a friend to all who crossed his path. His passion for education was contagious, and his smile and energy were infectious. Mr. Beard encouraged his students to take risks, be kind, and demonstrate a love for learning – both in an out of the classroom.

The recipient receiving the Nelson Beard award tonight exemplifies everything it means to be a Warrior and everything Mr. Beard worked to instill in his students. Not only does he excel academically but remains active in the school community through extra-curriculars, recently traveling to world finals for Odyssey of the Mind. He is a friend to all. Polite and respectful-willing to help any classmate or teacher and always with a smile on his face. He is self-motivated, enthusiastic about learning and willing to put in the hard work to achieve greatness. Since coming to Seneca, he has demonstrated resilience, maturity, and determination. He makes Seneca Intermediate proud every single day and we know he will continue to shine throughout his years at Salamanca and beyond.

It is an honor to present this year’s Nelson Beard “You’ve Got This” award to Andrew McCormick

The Friends of Education Award was presented to Schubert Enterprises

Schubert Enterprises is instrumental in helping the Salamanca DECA Print Shop helping with what to purchase, where to get supplies, how to avoid the pitfalls of starting out in the Professional Print Shop world.  When asked if we could ask their advice on purchasing equipment for out Student run print shop, the owners of Schubert's and all of their staff especially Jodi Schubert, Jordan Schubert and Katie Schwab a embroidery specialist, immediately offered to help the students and business.  This is amazing as most places would have deem another entity as a potential threat to their own business.  They were so helpful that they even in the past, have run workshops/field trips for our students at their place of employment in order to teach them how to create, design, and print stickers, t-shirts and more. Since then they have made several trips to our Print shop to help us learn the tricks of the trade and to encourage us to continue to grow and thrive. We could not do what we do, without the help given graciously by Jordan, Jodi, and Katie.

Award Criteria:

The ideal Warrior Pride recipient should embody the following characteristics, in addition to others.

  • Compassionate, kind, and friendly to everyone

  • Shows strong, positive leadership skills

  • Puts others first and goes above and beyond for peers

  • Volunteers in the school and community

This award recognizes students who excelled academically in a particular department. One student per department will be chosen.

This award recognizes a student who exerted extraordinary amounts of effort in his or her particular grade level. The ideal student may or may not excel academically, but has shown improved effort, understanding, and perseverance. One student per grade level will be chosen.

This award recognizes a student who exerted extraordinary amounts of effort in his or her particular grade level. The ideal student might not necessarily excel academically, but has shown improved effort, understanding, and perseverance. One student per grade level will be chosen.

FRIEND OF EDUCATION--The Friend of Education award recognizes an individual for one or more of the following:

  • Has made significant contributions to the cause of education at Salamanca City Central School

  • Example: The ideal recipient might have volunteered in a classroom for an extended period, supported or volunteered to help a school team or event, or has assisted in some other capacity for one of our school’s organizations

  • The ideal recipient could be a government representative, a corporation, a local business, a local organization, or a private citizen.

Photo Recipients:

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