NAF Advisory Board:

Advisory boards provide an essential bridge between the classroom and the workplace. By working with academy leaders and acting as NAF ambassadors in their networks, advisory board members leverage their expertise to ensure that academy students have a robust and enriching learning experience. Their dedication to maximizing work-based learning activities and industry-relevant curriculum is essential to preparing young people for college, career, and future success. In addition, advisory board members provide strategic planning and direction, curriculum review, and professional support for NAF academies and teachers.

Advisory boards' primary goal is to prepare students for success in college and careers by:

• Leveraging connections to raise awareness of the academy[-ies] and build community support.

• Securing and coordinating a sequence of work-based learning experiences, including paid internships, based on the academy's work-based learning calendar.

• Participating in a variety of in-person and virtual classroom activities and student projects.

• Finding, funding, or furnishing paid internship opportunities.

• Collaborating with academy leaders to enhance curriculum and professional development.

• Providing strategic leadership and soliciting financial support from the community to ensure academy sustainability.


At least 10 members including representatives from sectors such as:

  • Business

  • Post-secondary education

  • Non-profits

  • Trade associations

  • Workforce and economic

  • Development organizations

  • Parents

  • Students

  • Alumni

  • Academy leadership

  • School or District administration


  • Maintain current strategic plans, updated by-laws, financial policies, and a succession plan.

  • Meet monthly and operate defined committees based on academy need.

  • Maintain notes and records pertaining to advisory board actions and activities.

  • Review academy data, participate in the academy assessment, and provide input on the academy action pl


  • Support NAF data collection and continuous improvement efforts including work-based learning

    activities and internships.

For more information:

NAF has many resources at that delve deep into advisory board best practices, partner recruitment, data, structure, and more.

Questions? Please contact Ms. Kathy Stevens at or Susan Schnaufer

Board Members:

Business Industry:

  • Erin Brady-Swenson

  • Jare Cardinal

  • Chelce Finch

  • Laurie Hunt

  • Karen Markoff

  • Theresa Ray

  • John Sheehan


  • Sandi Brundage

  • Susan Fiske

  • Markie Phillips

  • Frederick Press

Higher Education Institution:

  • Jennifer Forney

  • Jordan Kolstee