The Salamanca High Science Honor Society is proud to be affiliated with the New York State Science Honor Society and is supported by the Science Teachers Association of New York State. Established in 1991, it is also endorsed by the New York State Science Supervisors Association and the New York State Assembly.

Its purpose is to encourage an interest and understanding of science and science-related careers, as well as to recognize the academic achievement in science of high school students.

Membership Selection is based upon science scholarship, service, and personal character and

  • Candidates must have a minimum science average of 85% or B+.

  • Candidates must have a minimum scholastic average of 75% or C.


Advisor: Dr. Mark Beehler



Meagan Martin, President
Kayla Kovacs, Vice President
Lauren Harvey, Treasurer
Courtney Sherwood, Secretary

Current Members

  • Meagan Martin

  • Kayla Kovacs

  • Lauren Harvey

  • Courtney Sherwood

  • Nathan Abrams

  • Raven Bennet

  • Kennedy Brown

  • Michael Collins

  • Kyler Edwards

  • Tara Halterman

  • Andie Hill

  • Kayla Jackson

  • Cali James

  • Brianna Marsh

  • Nathan Morris

  • Tiffany Nary

  • Samantha Ray

  • Aron Rockwell

  • Hunter Skye

  • Amber Taylor

  • Ryanne Yehl

Spring 2016 Inductees

  • Rochelle Bish

  • Ann Collingwood

  • Jacob Dekay

  • Zeus Enriquez

  • George Gillman

  • Madalyn Harrington

  • Maria Howard

  • Kimberlie Kennedy

  • Jersey Gray

  • Arianna Lux

  • Sophie McKenzie

  • Brandon Milanowski

  • Caryn Miller

  • Caroline Oyer

  • Nyles Panus

  • Luke Papke

  • Kyle Perkins

  • Haley Pond

  • Nicholas Ricketts

  • McKenzie Rider

  • Bailey Rottenberger

  • Marijayne Schwartz

  • Briana Sherwood

  • Braden Siebert

  • Ashley Siperek

  • Sesilleya Slade

  • Rhayne Smith

  • Elizabeth Stewart

  • Naiomi Ullman

  • Nora Warrior

  • Karomi Whitcomb

  • Savannah Wujastyk