Mrs. Hanson is ready, willing, and able to help anyone with research. Generally we work with MLA for projects here at the high school, but we can also help with APA formatted research projects.

This year we have already assisted research projects with:

  • Mrs. Schnaufer's College and Career Portfolio

  • Mrs. Eaton's 8th graders

  • Mrs. Roesser's 8th graders

  • Mrs. Canale's and Mrs. Kinney's 10th graders

  • Mr. Frazer's Advanced Biology

  • Ms. Martinez's Spanish 7, 8, and 9 classes

  • Mrs. Hoffmann's English 11 Honors

  • Mrs. Alexander's and Mr. Berg's 9th graders

  • Mr. Happoldt's 11th graders

  • Mr. Schnaufer's Forensics classes

  • Mr. Frazer's 9th graders

  • Mrs. Hoffmann's 11th grade -- for regents prep

*Our goal is show students how to properly cite their credible sources without them

getting frustrated during the process.

We are happy to help you plan your project and will provide hands-on help to your students as they work on their project.

Other classes have utilized the space to do work as well.

Come and join us!

Most of the research will be done using MLA format. Use OWL Purdue MLA as a reference for the 'recipe'. If you are using electronic sources, use this link. Otherwise click on this link and use the menu on the left of the screen to find the types of sources you are using.