8th Annual Awards Banquet

Department Awards:

Science - Annastacia Cossairt
Social Studies - Thomas DeBoy
English/Media - Camryn Quigley
Math - Ryanna Brady
Music - Abigail Murphy
Business - Matthew Schnuafer
Art - Sunny O'Connor
LOTE - Marlee Maybee
Leadership/Counseling: Lillian Martinez
Physical Education - Keegan Hardy
Avid Reader - Payton Lafferty
Perseverance & Grit: Jonathan Wiltsie

Grade Level "Effort" Awards

8th Grade - Cheyenne Craig-Sherlock
9th Grade - Lovella Kalyan
10th Grade - Abby Kranock
11th Grade - Dakota VanDerWege
12th Grade - Ashton Austin

Grade Level "Academic" Awards:

8th Grade - Kynleigh Wass
9th Grade - Nora Santigao
10th Grade - Owen Kranock
11th Grade - Zachary Trietley
12th Grade - Kyleigh Slater

Friend of Education Award:

Will Wolfe:

The Friend of Education is an award presented to an individual or organization that supports our schools and our community.  Friends of Education don’t usually go unrecognized, but they are rarely acknowledged for the critical work they do as partners.  This year, we are presenting Will Wolfe with the Friends of Education award.  Will is a constant in the community where he has been an active member for 20 years.  He exemplifies the Warrior spirit through and through and is frequently seen supporting our athletic teams and participating in events throughout the community.  As an avid volunteer, he has built relationships throughout the community and within our schools.  Will works as a dental hygienist at Lionel John Health Center but may be more famous in town for his successful BBQ business.  Will is regarded as a kind, smart, and fair man and today we recognize him as the 2024 Friend of Education.

Warrior Pride Award

Karina and Karolina Mireles-Crouse

This award recognizes a student in grades 8 – 12 who embodies being a Warrior.  The recipient of this award should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  1. Compassion, kind and friendly to everyone

  2. Strong positive leadership skills

  3. Selfless, puts others first and goes above and beyond for peers.

  4. Volunteers in the school and community

This year however, is different. It is the first time that we gather to honor two remarkable individuals who embody the very essence of our Warrior spirit.

These students are athletes, artists, members of student council, and leaders in our school who focus on improving their school, community, and the world. 

These students have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to enhancing student participation at our sporting events. Their relentless efforts to rally support, create excitement, and build community have not only increased attendance but also elevated the energy and enthusiasm of our entire student body. Whether it's cheering on our teams from the sidelines, playing themselves, organizing spirit days, or encouraging their peers to get involved with Warrior Nation, they have shown that true Warrior pride is infectious.

These sisters have proven time and again that the Warrior way isn't just about excellence on the court or field; it's about being champions in our community. Their dedication extends beyond athletics, as they continuously strive to make a positive impact in all areas of student life. They walk the Warrior way with integrity, passion, and a steadfast commitment to their fellow students.

Their actions have made a lasting impression on all of us, setting a shining example of what it means to be a Warrior. Today, we celebrate their achievements and the spirit they have instilled in us all. Karina and Karolina Mireless-Crouse, your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we are deeply grateful for your unwavering dedication.

Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, and thank you for showing us what it truly means to have Warrior pride. 

Award Criteria:

The ideal Warrior Pride recipient should embody the following characteristics, in addition to others.

  • Compassionate, kind, and friendly to everyone

  • Shows strong, positive leadership skills

  • Puts others first and goes above and beyond for peers

  • Volunteers in the school and community

This award recognizes students who excelled academically in a particular department. One student per department will be chosen.

This award recognizes a student who exerted extraordinary amounts of effort in his or her particular grade level. The ideal student may or may not excel academically, but has shown improved effort, understanding, and perseverance. One student per grade level will be chosen.

This award recognizes a student who exerted extraordinary amounts of effort in his or her particular grade level. The ideal student might not necessarily excel academically, but has shown improved effort, understanding, and perseverance. One student per grade level will be chosen.

FRIEND OF EDUCATION--The Friend of Education award recognizes an individual for one or more of the following:

  • Has made significant contributions to the cause of education at Salamanca City Central School

  • Example: The ideal recipient might have volunteered in a classroom for an extended period, supported or volunteered to help a school team or event, or has assisted in some other capacity for one of our school’s organizations

  • The ideal recipient could be a government representative, a corporation, a local business, a local organization, or a private citizen.

Photo Recipients:

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