Every 8-12 grade student has an account.

Mrs. Hanson will show you how to access it, what it does, and how it can help you learn more about writing and improve your grades.

The biggest advantages of Turnitin is to show kids how to cite their sources, how similar their work is to other sources, and how to edit for general grammar.

DRAFT COACH -- is a cool program used with the ONLINE version of Microsoft Word. It allows the kids to check their similarity and grammar before submitting it to the actual Turnitin site or to Schoology. Here are the instructions -- ask Mrs. Hanson if you have other questions. It is a positive game changer!

Teachers -- if you are curious about Turnitin, Mrs. Hanson will gladly show you how to use this web-based program. It is a quick process to create an assignment in Schoology. The benefits of having kids look over their work before doing a final submission to you will benefit their grade and learning and also make your scoring easier.