Ski Club

Advisors:  Mrs. Sue Schnaufer -

A Bus will be provided on Tuesday nights. We are accepting students from grade 8-12. Passes are available for other night to students, parents and ALL STAFF! Yes, that's right, we can sell discount ski nights to all of our staff! The only discount that does not apply to parents and staff are the discounted student all season passes.

Good day High School Parents,

Mrs. Schnaufer will be advising the Grades 8-12 ski club this year. Mr. and Mrs. Schnaufer can be contacted via email, regarding any questions or issues that need attention during the school day.

There is important information attached to this email (Important Files listed below) that all students (and their parent or guardian) interested in ski club MUST to read. After reading the information, the student needs to complete this form

We anticipate the following dates for skiing (weather permitting) - all are Tuesdays:

  • Dates Listed soon!

The paper copy of the registration form will be available in the HS main office starting, October 14th. These forms are due back to the main office by October 29th. There will be a collection envelope in the HS main office for you to turn in the forms NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29th. Please do not delay getting your forms completed and returned if you plan to ski,

Please note – there is a QR Code on the form that your parent or guardian MUST scan with their phone to sign off on Holiday Valley’s skiing release. You MUST have this done BEFORE turning in the form to the HS Main Office.

If you have any questions, please reply to this and we will answer questions as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to a fun skiing season!

Important Files to look over:

Susan Schnaufer
Business Teacher
Salamanca City School District
50 Iroquois Dr
Salamanca, NY 14779
716-945-2404 Ext. 6089
Cell 716-479-7535