Warriors of the Month 2023-2024

Charli Ross

Charli Ross - November

The first Warrior of the Month for November is a 10th grader that has outstanding character.  They come into school with tremendous energy and helps lead their team.  They are extremely dependable and hard working academically and in sports.  Even when they find struggles, they find a way to focus on the good.  Their Warrior spirit is a 10 out of 10. 

Kyleigh Slater

Kyleigh Slater - November

The last Warrior of the Month is a 12th grader who is one of the sweetest and kindest people you will ever meet.  They are a leader both on and off of the field.  They lead by example and give 100% in all they do.  They were selected for the sportsmanship award for the CCAA East league this past fall.  They were also nominated by their peers as a team captain. 

Cam Quigley

Camryn Quigley - December

The second Warrior of the Month for December is a senior that is a very caring and conscientious student.  They are helpful to their classmates and teachers, and displays all of the characteristics of a true Warrior.  They give 100% dedication and participation every day.   The second Warrior of the Month for December is Camryn Quigley.

Andrew McCormick

Andrew McCormick - January

The second Warrior of the Month is a 9th grader that is a natural leader and is always encouraging other teammates and opposing teams.  They have worked very hard in transitioning from 1 handed to 2 handed bowling, and is always respectful and positive.  As a Warrior, they represent their school and community well.  The second Warrior of the Month for January is Andrew McCormick.

Jacob Johnson Drain

Jacob Johnson-Drain - January

The last Warrior of the Month is a student that shows kindness to their fellow classmates and peers.  They are a great helper with MJ Express with getting orders, doing inventory, and making the products.  They are always willing to help when asked to do anything.  The last Warrior of the Month for January is Jacob Johnson-Drain.

Cole Spruce

Cole Spruce - March

The Warrior of the Month is a hard worker that always makes sure they are passing all of their classes.  They will help any classmate that needs it and is a very compassionate person.  They are one of the most respectful students in the 10th grade, always saying please, thank you, hello, and good-bye to teachers.  They are kind, courteous, and always represents the Warriors well.  The Warrior of the Month for March is Cole Spruce.

Drew Clayson

Drew Clayson - April

The second Warrior of the Month is an 8th grader.  They are a highly motivated student who is involved in many extracurriculars.  They are a great role model and peer leader.  They help students around them when in need, they have a great sense of humor, and also a strong moral compass.  They can be counted on to be a Warrior at all times.  The second Warrior of the Month for April is Drew Clayson.

Zach Trietley

Zach Trietley - November

The next Warrior of the Month is an 11th grader that is an inspiration to their fellow players and coaches alike.  They show up every day as the best version of themself.  They take their leadership role very seriously and leads by example.  Their loyalty and dedication is infectious and it’s not a coincidence that their presence on the football field has led to the enormous success of the team.  Beyond the field, this student is respectful to teachers and is a role model for their peers and younger Warriors. 

Axel Drugg

Axel Drugg - December

The first Warrior of the Month for December is an 8th grader that is a team player on the field, but also contributes just as much in the classroom.  They hurdle over any obstacle and is a true Warrior.  Being part of a sports team is something they value highly and they are diligent in the classroom to ensure they are eligible to participate in sports.  The first Warrior of the Month for December is Axel Drugg.

Kynleigh Wass

Kynleigh Wass - January

The first Warrior of the Month is an 8th grader that is a very strong and responsible young lady.  They are always growing in sports, academics, and friendships.  They are always caught up on their work and participates in extra activities. They are a true Warrior!  The first Warrior of the Month for January is Kynleigh Wass.

Hanna Deppa

Hannah Deppa - January

The third Warrior of the Month is a sophomore that has grown tremendously as a person in the last 2 years.  They faced many struggles during their 8th and 9th grade years and they have overcome them all.  They have become such a better student and cares about their grades.  They strive to do better in both the classroom and sports.  The third Warrior for the Month for January is Hannah Deppa.

Brad Britton

Bradley Britton - Febraury

The second February Student of the Month is a junior with a very rigorous courseload.  They approach their studies with a tenacity that is unique among high school students.  They are always prepared for class and is always smiling and ready to embrace the challenges of the day.  They are involved in school sports and activities, and is constantly striving for self-improvement.  The second Student of the Month for February is Ryanna Brady.

Abigail Murphy

Abigail Murphy - April

The first Warrior of the Month is a Junior that is heavily involved in the school’s drama club, as well as all things musical.  They have a rigorous class load, taking many different AP and advanced classes.  Additionally, they work a lot outside of school hours at one of the communities favorite eateries.  This student does a tremendous job balancing the rigors of school with various clubs and activities, all while working a part-time job.  The first Warrior of the Month for April is Abigail Murphy.