Guidance Services / School Counselors

The Student Support Center of the Salamanca City Central School District is geared toward the Educational needs of each student. They are committed to insuring that each student’s program is developed toward the appropriate educational and vocational plans, based on individual abilities, achievement, interest and objectives. We ensure that each student will have access to the tools and materials necessary to achieve their goals. If there is any concern with your child's academic progress or situation, parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the appropriate School Counselor for assistance or to set up individual conferences. (See listing).

Counseling Services / Social Workers

The Student Support Center Counselors/Social Workers of the Salamanca City Central School District are committed to helping students make acceptable life adjustments, characteristic of their age group. It is recognized that all children possess the potential of becoming productive members of society and, therefore, school counselors are concerned with the maximum social, mental, emotional and physical development of each child.

Psychological Services / District Psychologists

The school psychologists for the Salamanca City Central School District are dedicated to making sure that all students receive the best education possible. Through consultation with teachers, administration, and support staff, the psychologists help to attain this goal. The psychologists are also responsible for assessing children who are having academic difficulties. During this assessment, the psychologists may look at the student’s academic records, ability level, current achievement, behavior, and social/emotional functioning. Based on the results of the evaluation, the psychologist will offer recommendations regarding programming and interventions appropriate for the individual student. Referrals to the psychologist can be made through the student support teams in each building or by the child’s parent.