Prospect Elementary School:
Mrs. Laurie Miller; 716-945-5170 ext 7132

Seneca Intermediate School:Nurse Manager & Seneca Intermediate School Nurse
Mrs. Julianne Creed; 716-945-2400 ext 6203

High School:
Mrs. Kimberly McLarney; 716-945-2404 ext 6103

Mrs. Michelle Steinbar; 716-945-2400

School Nurse Fax: 716-217-6348

School Physician:

Kim Bielata, NP, with Univerisal Primary Care of Salamanca will be available to provide school physicals for students in grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 for athletes needs sports physicals and students needing working papers. They provide on-call consultation to school medical personnel and administration.


Laurie Miller

Mrs. Laurie Miller - Prospect Elementary

Laurie Herrick-Miller is the school nurse at Prospect Elementary school. She attended Salamanca Schools, JBC for business, and JCC for nursing. She is a licensed Registered Nurse. In addition to being medically prepared, "a school nurse needs excel-lent organization skills, the ability to multi-task, and most importantly the ability to constantly display patience and kindness." Laurie has been a school nurse since last November. Like the other school nurses, in addition to on the spot quality care, she oversees visual and hearing testing, physical examinations, immunization records, medication forms, and large amounts of medical data entry and family/caregiver outreach. Prior to Prospect, she worked at Bradford Regional Hospital. Laurie is dedicated and likes to work in the hometown where she grew up and raises her children.

716-945-570 Ext. 7132

Julianne Creed

Mrs. Julianne Creed - Nurse Manager, Seneca Intermediate

Julianne Creed is the Nurse Manager & Seneca Intermediate School Nurse. She attended high school in the Smethport area, and earned her NY State Registered Nurse license from Jamestown Community College.  Prior, she spent 19 years at Bradford Regional Medical Center in Oncology, pediatrics, Telemetry, ER and CCU.  A school nurse is a role model, a student advocate, a band aid and ice supplier, a shoulder to lean on, and a great multi-tasker.  In her words "you must be able to stay calm, be an excellent listener, and the ability to care for every child as if they were your own."  Juli was inspired to leave the hospital setting and become a school nurse because she wanted a change in her life, and the opportunity to inspire and educate children.
716-945-5140 Ext. 6203

Kim McLarney

Mrs. Kimberly McLarney - High School

Kim McLarney is the school nurse for the high school. She graduated from Jamestown Community College (Olean) with an A.A.S. Nursing degree in May 2017. I've always loved children and felt a strong desire to help people in any way possible. Asa school nurse, this gives me a tremendous opportunity to provide the best possible care and support to children within my community. My goal is to further my education, as well as obtain any certifications that will ensure I am current on all standards of nursing practices. I love being the nurse at the Salamanca High School. The interactions with children on a daily basis, provides we with an enormous sense of pride. There are no typical days and the fact that i have the ability to help children in a physical, mental, or emotional capacity makes my job very rewarding... If I was not a nurse, I would be a respiratory therapist. I have always been fascinated by the ever changing medical field. Within the medical field, you will never stop learning, no matter how long you are a nurse. I love that about my career.

716-945-2404 Ext. 6103

Michelle Steinbar

Michelle Steinbar