Registering & Enrolling A Non-Resident Student

This process is for any Student/Parent/Guardian that has interest in enrolling at SCCSD however, they are not legal, district residents.


  1. Call Central Registration to express interest in tuition paying (716) 945-5142 option 1 and to review process

  2. Student/Parent/Guardian must schedule a time to drop off a letter of intent and sign release forms for current district documentation with Central Registration


  1. Central Registration will request all current school records and send to the appropriate building administrator

  2. Building administrator will:

    1. review the records (including academic, attendance and behavioral)

    2. conduct a meeting/interview with the student and parent/guardian,

    3. complete the building administrator portion of the tuition contract; if approved and send back to Central Registration

    4. If the child is involved in any school sports they will also need to meet with the Athletic Director

STEP 3 (if approved):

1.      Central Registration will contact the family for next steps:
a.       Completion of online application/paperwork:
b.      If they do not have a computer they can call  to make an appointment to complete a paper packet

2.      Schedule time with Central Registration to bring outstanding paperwork and sign any registration documentation

3.      Central Registration will coordinate a time, on the same day, for the family with the following individuals:
a.       Superintendent’s clerk to sign copies of the contract

Business Office
1.      Payment is required upon signature of contract

a.      In certain circumstances the Business Office will set up payment arrangements with the parent(s) as per the policy.

** If denied approval the family will be notified of the denial in writing

Once approved: Steps for continuation:

1.      Must meet all requirements per the Board Policy #7132;

  1. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify Central Registration of any address changes that impact their tuition contract either online at or by calling 716-945-5142 option 1

  2. Business office will bill the parent/guardian yearly (July/August) to the address listed in PowerSchool.

    1. Bill must be paid, per the policy above, to have a schedule created and begin on the 1st day of school

  3. If a principal decides that a contract is not being renewed, a letter must be submitted to the Superintendent by June 15th with documentation on non-renewal based on Board Policy 7132.

    1. The Superintendent will then follow up with the family in writing regarding the denial of renewal

  4. Until all school records for your child are received from their current school and reviewed by school administration, acceptance at Salamanca City Central School district is not guaranteed