CaPiTaLiZaTiOn IsSuEs
Problem: Students often don't realize Caps Lock is on until they have typed several lines; they also forget to capitalize titles and proper nouns. Correcting capitalization errors can take valuable teacher time and frustrate students.
Solution: Use Shift + F3 to switch between Title Case, Upper Case, and Lower Case.

Internet Web Address Short Cut
You can type a word in the Internet Address bar and press CTRL+ENTER to automatically add http://www. and .com on either side of the word.

Click on the link to access a brochure that describes information security concepts and defines steps required to properly safeguard your information. CLICK HERE

Engaging Websites for Students:
Always have engaging activities on hand to keep your students on task and learning. Here are some suggestions for great engaging websites:

Top 10 Sites for Educational Games

There's no denying the appeal that online games have for kids. Despite the stigma games hold, many online educational games not only enhance the joy of learning, but also strengthen skill sets. The following are my favorite educational gaming sites on the web.

  1. Funbrain- One of the most popular educational gaming sites around. Not only does this site cover a variety of subjects, it also caters to K-8th graders, and has nice teacher resources as well.

  2. Game Classroom- Excellent, safe, teacher-approved, state-standard-aligned games for grades K-6. Also, lots of teacher resources,including videos, lesson plans, worksheets, and more.

  3. Gameaquarium- Great site for games for kids K-6 in all types of subjects. Videos, eBooks, and teacher resources can be found here as well.

  4. Braineos- Nice site where games are based on flash cards. A registered user can include their own study lists and flash cards in the games.

  5. Tucoola- Wonderful site for skill-building games for younger kids where parents can track their progress.

  6. Tutpup- Cool site for math and spelling games where kids can compete with other kids online. Best of all, this site is COPPA compliant.

  7. BrainNook- Innovative site that allows kids to play educational games for math and English in safe virtual worlds where they interact and compete with other kids. Teachers can sign up their classes via the teacher portal.

  8. Clever Island- Offers fun educational games for kids 3-8 in a variety of subjects such as math, reading, spelling and more.

  9. What2Learn- Excellent site for educational games where a teacher can track students progress through a paid account. Users can create custom-made games as well.

  10. Abcya- Great site for elementary students that covers a wide variety of subjects. Also has educational apps for mobile devices.

Additional Tech Tips can be found here:

How to hide items in excelSCREENSHOT IN OUTLOOK

When trying to communicate what is on your PC screen, e-mailing a picture of a dialog box or browser screen or anything else that appears on your desktop can be very helpful, especially when dealing with a tech support issue. To do this, begin writing your message, click on the Insert tab on the Ribbon (see below), then click Screenshot. A tiny dialog box shows you all the current windows open on your desktop so you can choose the one you want to insert, or click on Screen Clipping and click to draw a box on screen. Press Enter, and the contents of the box will be inserted into your message