PowerSchool Help Tips

Where do I go for help with PowerSchool?

Please email PowerSchoolHelp@salamancany.org for assistance with PowerSchool.
During business hours, call the 716-945-2400 Ext. 5552.
Visit PowerSchool Student/Parent Help page at https://docs.powerschool.com/UCHSP

I need to create my PowerSchool Portal Account

Using a computer (not a phone) and the Chrome web browser (not an app), clear your computer’s cache and cookies.
Please follow the step-by-step instructions found on this web page by clicking "Create a Parent/Guardian PowerSchool Account" in the left menu.
When you reach Step 7, you will link ALL of your students to your account by entering the credentials from the sealed mailers you received in U.S. Mail exactly as they are shown. If you did not receive a sealed mailer, please contact your school secretary/registrar for this information or CLICK HERE for the request form.

Yes, multiple parents/guardians may use the same student credentials to create individual parent/guardian PowerSchool accounts.

I created my PowerSchool account but need to add my students to it.

Please go directly to https://sccsps.powerschool.com/public to access PowerSchool Portal.

Enter your PowerSchool ID (which is your email address) and the Password that you created at the time you created your PowerSchool account.
Click "Sign In."
Click “I have a student access code.”
Enter exactly as shown on the letter you received in U.S. mail (or the letter you received from your school secretary or registrar) your student’s name, access ID code and password.
If you need to add another student, Click "Add Another Student."
Repeat the same process until you have entered all of your students.
When finished, click "Continue."
You should see the Success! screen.

I created my PowerSchool account, added one student but now I need to add additional students.

Please go to https://sccsps.powerschool.com/public 

Enter your PowerSchool ID (which is your email address) and the password you created when you created your PowerSchool account, and click "Sign In."

On the left navigation menu, choose "Account Preferences."
Click the "Student" tab.
Click "Add" on the right side of the screen.
Enter your student's name, access code, and password.

My contact information in PowerSchool is incorrect.

Sorry about that! Please contact the Central Registration Office at 716-945-5142.

I did not receive a letter in the mail with my student’s PowerSchool credentials.

Sorry about that. Please contact your school secretary (intermediate and high school) for this information or CLICK HERE for the request form.