The Extended Day Enrichment Program (EDEP) offers learning opportunities in an after-school workshop setting for students in grades 4-12. An after-school snack program is available to all students enrolled in EDEP, and late bus transportation is an option for students in grades 4-12.

If you are interested in signing up for an Extended Day Enrichment Program - please clickHERE to fill out the enrollment form.

You can also pick up a hard copy from the High School student support office from Miss Schrantz.

For more information please contact Lindsay Schrantz, Coordinator for the Extended Day Enrichment Program at LSchrantz@salamancany.org 716-945-2404 ext. 6016. Thank you!

Available Activities:

(EDEP) Workshop Schedule 

*Regents reviews will take place (As needed through the year before a regent's exam) 






Special Notes:

Afterschool Seneca Makerspace

Fun afterschool activities in the makerspace including 3D printing, robotics, coding, circuits and more. Limit of 15 students per day. The same activity will be run for 5 weeks and students can sign up with Mr. Schnaufer once during the 5 week slot. If more space is needed more weeks will be added to accommodate students. 

Seneca School

Mondays (Grd. 4 & 5)                     Weds (Grd. 6 & 7)                        Located in room 106

Timothy Schnaufer II

*IMPORTANT!!!! 2/6 -3/31 Seneca Makerspace will ONLY be going on until 3:45 pm. These students will need to leave by 4:00 pm (Bus or pick up) OR they will have to choose a secondary program to go to until 4:45 pm.

Artsy Garden Club

Create artistic designs and projects related to nature and the garden.

Seneca School

Mondays                   2:45 pm- 4:00 pm, Seneca Art Room #225

Matthew Bucholz and Amy Whitman

Mural Club

Painting Murals 

Seneca School

Thursdays, 2:45pm-4:45 pm

Amy Witman/Nadia Kohler

Crafting Workshop

Create fun crafting activities where students are able to use their senses, skills and put their creativity to work. 

Seneca School

Monday- Thursday 2:45pm - 4:45 pm, classroom TBD

Roseangeli Ruiz, Janelle Quattrone, Melissa Metzler

This program has expanded to 4 days a week, instead of 2. (Due to the amount of student interest) Please check with the instructor to make sure which day you are signed up for. 

Diamond Paintings (Limited space avail)

Canvass painting with the color dots for each diamond. They will be given tools to pick up the diamonds and place on the glued canvass.

Seneca School

Wednesdays, 2:45pm-4:45pm, Seneca Library

Michelle Osman & Marra Stokes

Limited space available. Double check that the instructor has room available. 

Graphic Novel Club (Limited space available- the first 10 students)

Students will have the opportunity to become an author/illustrator and design their own graphic novel. This will be an ongoing project that they will work on each week until finished. Students will be able to create multiple chapters or one continuous story. Students will focus on all elements of learning how to create a graphic novel including writing, plot, character development, speech bubbles, though bubbles, special effects, captions, etc. and increase their knowledge of graphic novels. They will use their illustrations to help tell their story as well. At the end of the program, students will get to take their books home with them to keep.

Seneca School 

Tuesdays 2:45pm- 4:00pm

Michelle Osman & Marra Stokes

First day: 1/31

Fitness and you...

Using the fitness room/ learning the proper ways to use the equipment. Discuss good nutrition, healthy habits and taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

Seneca School and High School

Wednesdays,                   2:45 pm-4:45 pm, Fitness room

Jennifer Hawkins

Power Hour

After tutoring, academic support etc. (Gr 4 Tues & Thurs/ Gd 5 Mon & Weds/ Gd 6 Weds & Thurs/ Gd 7 Mon & Thurs)                                     

Seneca School

Monday - Thursdays (Grade specified) 2:45 pm-4:00 pm         Rooms TBD

Reach out to Nicole Beaver with questions.

Agwayetwas          "We Are Planting"

After school garden club on behalf of the Native American Curriculum Team. Following traditional Seneca and Haudenosaunee gardening practices as well as contemporary companion planting gardening methods to teach students how to grow from seed. We will begin this Spring in the classroom discussing gardening practices and starting some of our seeds indoors. We will then transplant and plant our garden. Each week we will maintain and observe our gardens growth. We will invite students to volunteer throughout the summer if interested and will reinvite participating students and their families to a community dinner in the Fall of 2023 to enjoy what the students have grown.

Seneca School/ High School  (Maximum of 30 students)

Every Wednesday beginning 3/15 after school until 4:30 pm             Located: Seneca Language ad Culture classroom located in the 8th grade hallway.

Gabriele Papa / Andrea Cooke

Reflection Time

Will help students decompress from the stress of the day. Working on reflections, values, self- esteem.

Seneca School

Tuesdays and Thursday's 2:45 pm- 4:00 pm, Classroom TBD

Roseangeli Ruiz

Creative Writing

Students will explore the world of creative writing! This is where we write for FUN! 

6th Grade

Tuesdays, until 4:00 pm

Patricia Blakesslee

First day: 2/14


Currently on a wait list

Swimming Skills & Games

Seneca School

Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Anna Gifford & Life Guards

Beginning March 9th - May 25th *Swimming will not be held on March 28th * With a MAX of 40 students.

SHS Book Club

Each month there will be a discussion about the new motif. To join, you will read a book for that month's motif. The book you read for book club can be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, manga, e-book, or audiobook. Each book should be at an appropriate reading level for you.

High School 

December 22nd (Thursday) discussing motif of: Delightful Differences                   January 26th (Thursday) discussing motif of: Beauty in the New Year                     March 2nd -For February (Thursday) discussing motif of: Struggle                      March 30th (Thursday) discussing motif of: Out of This World               April 27th (Thursday) discussing motif of:Not Prose (books in verse)  May 25th (Thursday) discussing motif of: Humor Helps                     Thursdays 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm in Library

Polly Hanson

Girls on The Run

The program will begin in April and go through June with the culminating event at UB (The 5k run in Buffalo) 

Seneca/ High School

Exact date TBD will begin in April and go through June

Mindy John/ Brooke Skiba/ Sydnie John

Does NOT begin until APRIL.

Conservation Warriors

Mission: To provide students with experimental and hands-on opportunities to understand our local environment from a practical, cultural, historical, and scientific perspective.                                                               Rationale: Ohi:yo territory is ecologically diverse and geologically unique. This program would provide an opportunity for students to get outside and learn about the environment surrounding them. Beyond the learning, students would participate in preserving and strengthening the sustainability of this territory. As a school district we have pledged to "stand with all indigenous people in their resolve to remain connected to their land/" The "Conservation Warriors" is one step in that direction.                                                                Methods: Students will meet bi-weekly with SCCSD club advisor with a goal toward projects and fieldstrips designed in collaboration with the Seneca Nation Conservation Department and Seneca Nation Water Protection. Projects and field trips could include but not limited too...                                                                               -Environmental Impact of Kinzua Dam:                      *Fishery                                                                          *Natural Medicines                                                           *Water Quality                                                                  *Health of flora and fauna                                                          -Seneca Nation outdoor learning center                               -Sustainable hunting and fishing                                             -Visiting the local sugarbush

High School 

-Bi-Weekly Mondays 2:45pm-4:45pm             -Four all day field trips  -Some Thursdays as needed                 *Location: Mrs.Pickett's room 68 in the High School, various locations for fieldtrips 

Gerald Musial & Judy Pickett

Art Club


High School 

Thursdays, until 4pm

Danielle Eaton

Cooking Under Pressure

Student participants will learn to shop, prepare, and serve a meal for those present using a pressure cooker. They will learn about heat transfer, pressure difference, temperature at which water boils (at varying pressures) and how rapidly we could make a delicious, tasty meal using a pressure cooker. A school van will drive 4-6 students to the grocery store the day before to shop for ingredients (we'll organize our shopping list by store section, talk about the nutritional value of each item, inspect expiration dates, calc the cost per servings, etc.) bring it back to school and stash the ingredients in a fridge. We'll meet the following afternoon to prepare, cook, and serve a meal in a tasteful, welcoming manner. We will also learn responsibility by cleaning up after ourselves leaving the kitchen in better condition than we found it. 

High School 

TBD, Contact Dr. Hayes with interest

Dr. Hayes 

Some of the meals in mind are Dr. Hayes' favorites: Chicken, Potatoes, Carrots & Gravy/ Beef Stew/ Homemade Spaghetti Sauce/ Corn Chowder with Turkey Sausage/ Spiral Cut Ham & 15 bean soup/ Tender Pot Roast, Potatoes & Gravy 

Data Analysis & Data Visualization 

We can't escape the reach of technology. We are being bombarded with lots of information of varying levels of reliability. How can we learn to assess the accuracy of the underlying date, tests its veracity (truthfulness), and visualize the data in the compelling ways? (Think maps, infographics, interactive charts & graphs, etc.) Even if you haven't taken Dr. Hayes GIS of Programming classes you are welcome to join. You will learn cool Data Manipulation trickles in Excel, Data Visualization skills in Tableau, Data Capture and Analysis using Databots, and simple Map Generation and Analysis in GIS.

High School 

Monday and Wednesdays until 4:45 pm

Dr. Hayes 

Contact Dr. Hayes for a start date

Smart House Build

Building a Smart House kit

6th - 9th Grade.

April 17, 24th, and May 1st & 8th only! (Limit 6 Students) Must sign up through the Instructor.

Susan Schnaufer