Super Bob Message

Dear Warrior Nation,

Well, it’s officially a wrap.   That is the 2021-22 school year, graduation.  We have successfully made a mountain of memories, overcome tremendous environmental obstacles, and can now safely send our graduating seniors into the real world with confidence that we have done our level best to prepare our newest alumni for their next journey.   The path our graduates will take will be entirely their own decision.  Of course, as parents, educators, and fellow adults, we will continue to guide them.   Should they choose to ask for our advice or not, we stand ready willing and able to answer the call.   I am confident they will still seek our counsel.  

Of course, time is relative because of the pandemic.  Traditional schedules will likely look different for the foreseeable future, but a few highlights from the past year.  Sectional Titles in Lacrosse, Football, Bowling gave of thrilling entertainment and a resurgence of pride.   Concerts and plays were moving and inspiring as the pandemic raged.  Fine arts and music are what humanity craves in times of challenge.   Robotics, Odyssey of the Mind racked up victories on a local, state, and national level.  Proving once again that excellence is happening every day in Salamanca.   We grew our support programs through our liaisons, family support workers and caring staff.   In short Salamanca is and continues to be a safe space for learning to occur.   We helped develop an army of advocates who descended on Washington, D.C. with enthusiasm and energy and the results were readily apparent.   We have embodied the motto “Salamanca, Where Learners Become Leaders.”

When I arrived in Salamanca in 2011, there was a palpable sense of urgency to get better, do better and simply be better.  It did take some time and much has changed in the past decade+.   We saw a return of Salamanca pride, graduation rates rose, increased total enrollment, dramatically decreased drop-out rates, established unrivaled financial security, weathered a generational transition of teaching and administrative staff and we have enjoyed a robust-investment in learning.   These accomplishments were not a deliberate goal but rather an outcome of achieving three substantial overriding goals: listening more, communicating more and planning.    The success of the district moving forward is predicated on these foundations in 2022 and beyond.  I am confident I am leaving Salamanca in good hands.     

On a personal note, serving the Salamanca Community has been joyful.  I have loved getting to know the families, community, students, and staff.   While I may be retiring, I will forever be a Warrior.   I stand ready to offer any assistance and support.  It has been my pleasure to serve you and wish Dr. Beehler and the district all the best for continued success.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart,

Super Bob