COVID 19 Questions

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Ray Haley

Ray Haley - Safety & Security Coordinator

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Cell: 716-244-7299

Test Positive? Here is what to do

If a student has tested positive they must quarantine for 10 days and our nurse coordinator, Julie Creed must be contacted at 716-945-2400 ext. 6203. Nurse Creed will provide additional information. If you used a home test, please also contact Catt County at 716-353-8050.

If you are an employee, you must quarantine for 10 days and contact Ray Haley at 716-244-7299. Mr. Haley will provide additional information.

I'm told I was a Close Contact- what do I do?

Through contact tracing you may be told you are a close contact. If you are vaccinated (see the definition below) then wear a mask for 10 days. If you are not vaccinated (see definition below) then you must quarantine for 5 days, test if possible, and then wear a mask for 5 days.

What does it mean to be vaccinated?

The definition of vaccinated changes from time to time (not our fault). As of 1/10/2022 a fully vaccinated individual has received 2 shots of Moderna or Pfizer and has received a booster if eligible (5 months after second shot). If your second dose of Moderna or Pfizer was more than 5 months ago you are no longer considered vaccinated. For Johnson and Johnson you must have a booster after 2 months.

What do I do with the home tests?

The home tests were provided to increase the availability of testing. You DO NOT need to test daily. Use the tests at your discretion for students who show symptoms of COVID. If you test positive- see the question above.

Will there be more home tests?

We are told there will be additional home test kits available- we do not know when they will come or how many.

Do I need to a negative test result to return to school

Students and staff do NOT need a negative test result to return to school. They must be totally symptom free and must follow the quarantine orders from the county if they are longer than what the school has provided. If the school quarantine request is longer than the county then that must be followed.

I have a question not answered

Call Mr. Haley at 716-244-7299

Can't get in touch with anyone?

Call Deputy Superintendent Dr. Beehler at 716-289-3456